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Family Sailing Holidays: A New Toy

July 7, 2013

We’ve had a fab couple of nights at anchor but last night we got hit with a surprise bit of wind! Talk about zero to hero – we got Force 0 – 7 in 10 minutes! Not to worry though, we tootled over, albeit at a rather odd angle, to some shelter but decided the port looked quite inviting on the way and popped into Beaulieu for the night. Typically, it turned out to just be a bit of a blow and by 11pm all was quiet again!

A new addition has joined the fleet – we now have First Essential (the yacht), Terry (the tender) and Kay (the inflatable kayak).

Introducing Kay the Kayak

Introducing Kay the Kayak

She is particularly good for exploring the coastline up close and for popping in to beaches for an ice cream where engines are not allowed! And when you’re done with her, she deflates and rolls up into a back pack!

Ready to go

Ready to go

We’re back off out to anchor now until Thursday hopefully, so Kay will be getting lots of use!

A bientot!


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