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Family Sailing: Summer’s Arrived on the French Riviera

June 3, 2013

The sun is out, the rain has gone, the snow has stopped falling on the hills and the French are smiling again! Yes, Summer has arrived on the Riviera and just like that the scarves are no longer needed and the air conditioning is getting a good workout!

Villefranche in the sun

Villefranche in the sun

Sadly my successful week last week has been succeeded by a very mixed weekl! Although the weather has improved, which is a major bonus, we are currently stuck in Beaulieu port. Now, I know there’s nothing to complain about being in Beaulieu, and some would say we’ve got the cheapest B and B around, however, when it’s flat calm outside, you really wish you could anchor! Recently we received a letter from our engine manufacturer suggesting we need some maintenance doing to the engine mounts as they’ve discovered a fault with them. Now, our engine is just two years old and has been maintained as per the warranty instructions so when you get a letter like this it’s a bit worrying! On inspection there was no problem, but this week, the faulty mounts have surpassed themselves and we now have an engine suspended on not very much!

Broken engine mount

Broken engine mount

For those of you who are like me and have no real interest in engines, the big nut in the picture should be on the end of the screw! Anyway – although it looks bad, the maintenance guys are coming this week to fix the problem and give us our annual service and all in the name of warranty!

Being stuck has its advantages; we decided to explore a bit further afield and headed inland yesterday to the village of La Turbie. We made it as far as Nice and the right bus stop but then, being Sunday, the bus didn’t turn up! We will be going this week however as I would really like to explore it! Instead, we had a pizza on Nice beach followed by an ice cream from the famous Fenocchio’s. On our return to Beaulieu, we decided to head to the church for a free concert of Jazz and spirituals by a group called Clam Chowder. Their version of Wade in the Water and Let’s Do It were fantastic!

Phil's birthday

Phil’s birthday

This week saw Phil turn 33! I made him a special cake with all his favourite things: marble chocolate and vanilla cake and chocolate and hazlenut icing! I felt rather sick after eating mine! So hopefully this week we’ll be seeing some friends on another boat ‘Kinsale’, and some friends from home in Cannes. Until then, we’re at the mercy of Offshore Services and their engine repair skills!

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