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How to…Prevent Sun Stroke On Board

May 20, 2013

Now I know it’s been a long time since my last ‘How to’ topic but I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to write about. Next to seasickness, sun stroke and heat stroke are probably high on the list of unwanted but preventable ailments when on board a boat.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms

Here at Essential Sailing we do a lot of things to help you avoid getting to the state of the above gentleman!

We provide you with as much water as you can drink – we carry over 1000 litres of drinking water in our 3 water tanks as well as plenty of bottled water.

Drink Water!

Phil is a bit of a water demon and will press a bottle of water into your hands at every given opportunity! Even I drink it, and I really don’t like water, whether it’s drinking it or swimming in it, but I will admit you feel much better if you drink it and if David Beckham says do it – well then – who am I  to argue?!

The human body looses a lot of moisture in warm temperatures, especially those more accustomed to British climates, and this fluid needs to be replaced steadily throughout the day. A glass of wine or two at lunch is fine, but remember to drink water too!

We also provide lots of cool, shaded areas for relaxing in out of the midday sun. Lunch is always served under our fabulous bimini with the windscreen down for a gentle cooling breeze.

It’s also important to wear a hat. Whether it’s a big floppy sun shade, a straw boater, or an Aussie cork rimmed posh one, a hat will help to keep you cool as well as protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. You should also combine a hat with some wraparound style sunglasses.

The perfect shade

The perfect shade

Of course there’s always the sea for a quick dip to cool down…

The bow is available for catching those rays on comfortable cushions but as well as water and a hat it’s important to remember the highest protection sunscreen you can find. I wear factor 50+ every day on my face as well as at least factor 20 everywhere else when I’m in the sun. If you’re worried about getting  tan to prove you’ve been to the sun, don’t worry – you’ll still be tanned even through the sunscreen. And remember it’s not just sunburn you’re protecting yourself from but skin cancer too.

Comfy cushions

Comfy cushions

Here on board First Essential we also have a great air-con system that will keep the inside of the yacht cool for the evenings and fans for the night.

So remember: to enjoy your holiday without getting sun/heat stroke make sure you:

  • drink lots of water
  • wear a hat
  • wear sunglasses
  • keep cool
  • use sun screen


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