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The day a Citroen Picasso learnt to dive…

May 12, 2013

Those of you who see my Facebook page may well have already heard about this but for those who haven’t here’s the story…

One sunny morning a French family on holiday near Frejus decided to take their RIB out for a spin. After a lovely day out they tried to pull the RIB out of the water, no doubt how they’ve done it several times before, but this time, the Picasso decided to be a bit naughty and join the RIB in the water. It started by slipping a bit without the boat on the trailer so the gentleman decided to jump in and check the brakes. He stopped the car and his wife got in to try and drive the boat out. However, Mr Picasso had other things on his mind and seemed pretty determined to get in the water. The man grabbed his wife out of the car and, with trailer still attached, proceeded to dive off the end of the slipway. It certainly didn’t float for long and within seconds was 10ft under at the bottom of the ramp!

That sinking feeling

That sinking feeling

The family proceeded to rescue as much floating debris as possible and after a chat with the harbour master left the RIB tied to the wall and took a taxi home. The next morning a truck and crane arrived to hoist the disgraced Picasso out of the water. With the help of a diver, chains and strops were attached and a short while later a very soggy Picasso was sitting on the naughty step.

On the way back up

On the way back up

The family spent the next couple of hours retrieving their possessions and drying them out before the car was taken away for what I can only think would have been a sincere telling off.



Lessons learned? Citroen Picasso cars do not float! At all!

In disgrace

In disgrace

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