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Luxury Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands: Lanzarote Half-term Offer

January 28, 2013

Half-term is rapidly approaching and although the skiing looks amazing in the Alps it is still freezing cold! And after all this lovely British snow, sleet, ice, rain, hail…What could be better than escaping to the warm (26 degrees) in Lanzarote? Essential Sailing are currently offering 10% off all holidays between the 10th and 24th of February 2013. Check it out at

Chester in the snow

Chester in the snow

On Friday night I was due to collect my parents from the airport on their return from Sri Lanka. At 5pm it started snowing, big flakes. It quickly started settling and after 30 minutes Bridge Street in Chester was white. So I packed up hats, gloves and warm coats and set off for Manchester. The roads weren’t too bad but snow was settling on the motorway and at several points we were down to 25mph. We made it to the airport only to discover that the plane they were on was circling, quickly followed by the runway being shut, and then the plane was diverted to refuel at Glasgow whilst the runway was cleared at Manchester and then it would come back.

The drive back home was fun and although the motorways were a lot clearer, once we got to Chester the snow was still falling thick and fast and the roads were very white. Parents finally arrived home about midnight, just in time for their bodies to think it was morning in Sri Lanka!!

Sunset over chester roof tops

Sunset over chester roof tops

Saturday arrived and with it the imminent arrival of trouble in the form of two small people! We all had lunch and then various activities of the park, cups of tea and sleeping were enjoyed by all, quickly followed by a very early night for grandparents!

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

Now the snow’s all gone and the wind and rain are creeping in. At least the temperatures are warmer!

Still fancy a holiday in the warm and dry land of Lanzarote? Call us now on 0845 653 0126 to find out more.

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