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Luxury Sailing Holidays: Snow really?!

January 14, 2013

It’s certainly been a poor effort on the snow front up here in the Northwest but the rain and temperature are both falling! I’ve got the heating on and all the clothes of the thick and woolly variety I can find are somewhere around my body! My run this morning did definitely not happen and things have not been made any better by having to think about and write about warmer and sunnier climes, namely Lanzarote, the South of France and Italy!

Where I'd like to be!

Where I’d like to be!

So continuing on from honeymoon:

We arrived back to Britain, where it was strangely warm for the time of year but also very wet. I did manage to get in a few runs/plod-alongs before Christmas and the imminent arrival of babies, sisters and a brother-in-law. The babies that arrive on a now annual basis come ready-packed with clean-clothes- filled Trunkies, the belief that Father Christmas really won’t come if they’re naughty and don’t share, and an endless capacity for inhaling sweet things faster than you can say ‘not before your tea’! I have to say that I generally seem to hand them back as dirty and full of sweet things as possible and if they even think of making a horrible noise, the threat of Father Christmas not coming seems to work wonders.

Picnic in the boot!

Picnic in the boot!

Being the brave and kind auntie that I am, (brave for volunteering to tackle the above two monkeys and kind for including my husband in the royal ‘we’), I decided we would take the terrible two for a day out. It all started well at 5.15am when Maurice decided it was time to get up. We managed a couple of hours ‘in’ bed before making our way downstairs. We then made our picnic and after number two was awake we had breakfast and headed out. Cheshire Ice Cream Farm now has an amazing indoor soft play area as well as the animal barn and various other treats and tricks, a far cry from the farmyard it was when I was young! We had a stroll, a picnic in the boot of Grandad’s car, a mad hour in the soft play and a well-earned ice cream before a long snooze in the car! Well the lucky two could snooze, I had to drive!!

The terrible two!

The terrible two!

So with Christmas done for another year we had a peaceful New Year, the parents went to Wales with friends and the pubs and clubs just don’t appeal at the best of times! New Year’s Day involved football for the boys and a couple of country walks for the girls (we saw lambs!) followed by everyone having a delicious evening meal at the Bryntirion Inn near Bala.

Farmer Lil

Farmer Lil

So that was the festive season done with for another year and now we’re back into hard work! Currently the boat is quite quiet in Lanzarote so we’re based in the UK until we’re needed on board again.

If you or anyone you know is interested in luxury sailing holidays, take a look at our website Essential Sailing and see if we can’t tempt you to the sunshine!!


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