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Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands: A Great Sail

December 8, 2012

Saturday 8th December.

This week I have mostly been doing jobs around the boat. I’ve spent time in the bathrooms resealing corners, time on the boom restitching the sail bag, the oven is sparkly and shiny like new, but the British/Spanish/Canary Island post is currently on a go-slow so an important part has not arrived just yet.

Cruising past Lanzarote

Cruising past Lanzarote

I did manage to get a day out sailing this week. Sadly not on First Essential but on something just as exciting – a trimaran! The tri has had a refit and the rig has been off so we went out to test it out. The mast is stood on a ball and swivels like a windsurf rig. It is very powerful as we discovered when we bore away across the wind and shot off at up to 10 knots with just a mainsail!! It was great to get out on the sea and see Lanzarote and the surrounding islands from another angle.

Looking down to Fuerteventura

Looking down to Fuerteventura

Tomorrow I am off back to the UK but not for long (about 34 hours as it happens) because Phil and I are off to The Big Apple that is New York City for our postponed honeymoon. I have managed to book tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and a Broadway Show, afternoon tea in the Plaza hotel and ice skating in Bryant Park as well as a cruise around the island and some culture to balance out the eating! I am very excited about my first trip to the US of A and cannot wait to get there!

So for now, I’ll sign off and leave you with a beautiful sunset taken from First Essential in Lanzarote earlier this week.

Your sunset is someone else's sunrise

Your sunset is someone else’s sunrise

To join us in the new year in Lanzarote check out our website

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