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Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands: The High Life

November 30, 2012

Friday 30th November

Having spent a week on my own on the boat I’m getting used to having to do everything – usually Phil and I share the washing up, cooking, cleaning, trips to the bin, trips to the office, shops etc but having to do it all yourself takes a lot more time! I suppose that’s good in a way as it has filled my time quite nicely and I’ve had the chance to eat well (no chocolate, apart from Nutella) and do lots of running and Wii Fit!! Why? you ask? Well honeymoon take two is quickly approaching and given that we’ve been recommended a lot of restaurants in New York including Serendipty where you can have a World Record Sundae, I think I’m in need of serious help!

El Golfo

El Golfo

First Essential was lifted on Tuesday morning and with noone but a guy from the yard to ‘help’ me it was certainly an interesting experience! We made it into the sling with a lot of fighting the wind and were up and jet washed before lunch! Since then she’s had her rudder dropped, been primed, anti-fouled and polished, had her rudder put back in with the lower bearing firmly fixed in place and is now ready to go back in the water tomorrow morning. I have managed to enlist the help of a couple of sailors this time, with offer of crew for their test sail on an interesting looking tri-maran. It’s certainly been a challenge living on a boat up in the air instead of in the water. I am now used to waking up to the boat wobbling around in the gusts and having to climb a very tall ladder in the dark to go to the loo! Can’t wait to be back in the water!!

In the Sling

In the Sling

This week I also took the opportunity to visit some more of the island and having enjoyed last week’s trip so much I was hopeful of finding something of interest. I started at El Golfo, a white-washed small fishing village on the Southwest coast. There are plenty of restaurants offering fresh fish but sadly the boats weren’t out as the waves were pounding the shore. The volcanic formation that protects the village from the sea has been eroded over the years and has been split in two, leaving an emerald green pool at the bottom of the cliffs. Along the beach you can find small pieces of olivine – a semi precious stone used for making jewellery.

Charco de los Clicos

Charco de los Clicos

Slightly further along the coast is Los Hervideros, an area of lava that has formed caves and underwater tunnels. You can walk on the provied paths and many little trails take you down to the water’s edge where at high tide you get splashed by the huge swell or at low tide you can see the underwater formations very clearly.

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros

Then finally I visited the Salinas del Janubio, one of the world’s largest sea salt processing plants. Although they don’t operate in Winter, the operation is still impressive to look at and the salt is definitely some of the best.

Salt ponds

Salt ponds

After that it was a quick trip around Marina Rubicon to look at rather large yachts and a supermarket run. I’ve also explored slightly further along the coast on foot. Although I run a couple of miles along one way I decided to walk to Puerto del Carmen, a very stretched out town with plenty of bars and restaurants catering for all ages. It also has lots of sandy beaches, diving centres and a port/marina that we could use if needed. I did come across one very pretty little garden…

Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen

So that’s it for another week. I’m off to roast a chicken and do some Wii Fit Yoga before another windy night onboard. Hopefully tomorrow will bring calmer winds, even if it’s just whilst I park, and I’m looking forward to a test sail next week.

If you’d like to join us in Lanzarote for some Winter Sun and sailing, call our dedicated team now on 0845 653 0126.

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  1. Lesley Riley permalink
    December 4, 2012 12:00 pm

    Good on you, Kate – not comfortable sleeping on a boat on the hard! Lanzarote looks interesting, I’m saving up! Enjoy New York x

    • December 4, 2012 12:38 pm

      Hi Lesley,
      Lanzarote is interesting. Much smaller than Tenerife but seems to be better planned all round! Look out for our special offers coming up and enjoy Oz!! xx

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