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Luxury Sailing Holiday Canary Islands: Lanzarote

November 24, 2012

Saturday 24th November

I can’t believe it is the 24th of November and I am writing this having spent a glorious day cleaning the outside of the boat in 27 degrees! Welcome to Puerto Calero, Lanzarote!

A beautiful morning

We arrived back to the boat last Sunday and have been very pleasantly surprised by the marina facilities, the friendly staff and amount of boats going in and out each day. The marina has long been established and there are a number of full-time water-based activity businesses established here. You can dive, fish, go in a submarine, sail, kayak, swim, visit the beaches, and visit an island on a massive catamaran. We took the opportunity to try out some land-based activities and hired a car. We visited Marina Rubicon, another good marina, the Montanas del Fuego and the Cueva de los Verdes.

A crater on the Montanas del Fuego

The ‘Fire Mountains’ were born up to 5000 yeas ago and formed Lanzarote. They are situated in the Timanfaya National Park. To take advantage of the amazing views it is necessary to take a bus tour around the craters. I didn’t like the idea of this but once on the bus I quickly realised that there were not many car drivers who would make it round the tour road. The bus driver was in his older years and I think he had possibly built the road too! He certainly knew it well. The views were amazing as were the colours and the information provided was pretty interesting too!

The hole that most of Lanzarote came from!

Driving around Lanzarote is a mostly enjoyable experience. There is only one road that has 2 lanes like a dual-carriageway and that’s unsurprisingly around the airport and Arrecife and to be honest you would avoid these places once here anyway. The rest of the day was stress-free and calm and with no rush to get anywhere we gently made our way around the island. Sadly when we got to the most Northern point ‘Mirador del Rio’ we decided not to pay to go through the hill for the famous views to the island of La Graciosa and around the North side of the island, as we were in the clouds and rain, but we did get a picture of the entrance!

Mirador del Rio

Just down the hill from here we decided to visit the Cueva de los Verdes. These caves were naturally formed by the lava flow from a volcano situated under the sea about 1 km offshore. We started the tour in some scrub land where the entrance was hidden from view – the reason why the local inhabitants chose the caves to hide from pirates. The first family into the caves were the ‘Greens’ hence why the caves are called the green caves! The colours inside the cave are absolutely incredible and the artist Cesar Manrique combines art and nature perfectly. The walk through is only 1km long but the pathway although smooth underfoot is a challenge for the tall and many parts must be done bending down. The tunnel is actually 7km long from the entrance to the volcano but not all of it has been secured for visitors. Included inside is a natural concert hall where concerts are held throughout the year.

The incredible Cueva los Verdes

We had a fab day being cultured and then it was back to it and on with the cleaning!

The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is due to leave tomorrow from Gran Canaria but in the meeting for skippers yesterday there was a delay announced due to high wind conditions predicted for Sunday night. The skippers all now face a difficult decision as to whether to leave on time or not but judging by the number of boats in our port, many are choosing to wait with only the racing fleet leaving on time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many catamarans in one place! Currently there is a Lagoon 62, 400, 410, a trimaran and 5 others on the pontoon opposite us. The marina guys have been moving pontoon cleats all day to make as much space as possible!

Catamarans at sunset

If you’d like to join us in Lanzarote, call our dedicated team now to discuss your luxury sailing experience with Essential Sailing. 0845 653 0126


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