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A busy busy week

October 25, 2012

Thursday 25th October

For some half term is flying by, for some the Italian, French and Spanish coasts have flown past and for us a week of wedding excitement has passed by quicker than you can say ‘I do’!

First Essential is currently in Gibraltar and the delivery crew are hoping to leave on Saturday for Tenerife. They’re just trying to avoid tropical storm ‘Tony’! We will post a delivery blog at some point once we’ve met up with the crew in early November and heard all about it.

We left the yacht on Saturday morning and waved them off from the fuel berth. It was sad to wave goodbye and sad to leave Marina Porto Antico and the friends we’ve made there, but what excitement we had to look forward to!

Sunday was a day of waiting for news on a slight hiccup-the shop where I bought my dress had gone into liquidation! My dress was still in the shop but the lovely ladies rescued it and on Monday it was delivered, finished and ready to wear! Panic over!!

Tuesday was a fabulous day out. We were taking the babies (our niece and nephew) swimming, but when we arrived it turned up at the pool it was closed so we had a drink and a cookie and went to Trentham Gardens. We plodded round for miles with two baby dinosaurs! Lunch was yummy in the cafe and the assault course was made good use of as was the sand pit. Having worn them out it was time to return them to their rightful owners!

Wednesday was a calmer day with a lunch for ladies in the beautiful town of Parkgate. Babies were included too and were superbly behaved, a lady even told me so! We’ve also practised smiling without having our eyes closed…

So now we’re up to one day before the wedding and with a few things to do in the morning, family arriving all day, a rehearsal, and a drinks party I have a feeling the day will fly by!

We will of course post some pictures of the wedding and keep you up to date with First Essential’s whereabouts.

For those who are thinking of a last minute holiday before Christmas, we still have a special offer that runs until the end of the month: book before the end of October and receive 25% off the cost of your holiday.

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