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How to Fill a Week with Boat Maintenance!

September 20, 2012

So having picked up the boss on Wednesday and stayed put because of bad weather, we made our move on Thursday. The aim was to get to the Cinque Terre, a whopping 45 nautical miles away, and having screamed out of Genoa at 8.5 knots it didn’t seem too bad a task. However, the wind shifted to North and variations of, which meant that one minute we had 10 knots from ahead and the next we had 30 gusting out of a bay, even a few miles offshore. Having seen some white knuckles and reached a huge 9.4 knots, we decided to call it a day and head to Chiavari, slightly more down wind and much calmer!!

We gave it another go on Friday but with gusts of 30 knots still flying out at us, we made it almost to Levanto and then had to turn around to go back to Chiavari to meet Phil’s brother and Hattie. The best bit about the crazy sailing was that it was extremely sunny And with a jumper on it was fabulous.
Having had a very quickly put together lunch (well earned from working the main sheet for two hours!) we headed to the beach to chill out for a couple of hours before heading back to the boat for showers, Prosecco and a delicious meat feast at the Brazilian restaurant!

Saturday arrived and we had a leisurely sail around the bay before the wind picked up to a lovely 13 knots and we were fully heeled under full sail. After a couple of hours we decided to anchor up near Portofino for lunch (homemade pizzas) and then we headed into the beautiful town. Luckily this time there were only medium sized super yachts in so we could still see most of the town from onboard.

Later that evening a fleet of 8 small yachts (30-40ft) arrived and had a party which involved a lot of Sangria and a video camera! We were much more civilised and went out for a delicious meal at a rather oddly named restaurant ‘The Strainer’. The food was delicious and the men all had desserts of varying creaminess and we even got to shake hands with the chef!

Sunday was an early start as everyone needed to be back in Genoa for lunchtime flights, but we had enough time to pop the bow into San Fruttuoso on the way past.

Since then it has been non-stop with cleaning and fixing! Having no bookings this week, we decided to make the most of it and started with the front two cabins. I have even taken out the mattresses and slats and cleaned under there, deep cleaned the bathrooms too, filled toilet tanks with steriliser, and done endless rounds of uniform washing! I’ve made the sofas slightly whiter again with amazing sponges that you don’t get wet, I’ve stitched the sail bag back together where the zip had come away from the bag. I’ve tried to change the impeller on the generator but the things broken and now I’m stuck waiting for responses to emails.
The engine is having its 1000 hour service tomorrow which involves lots of mess and part changing as well as horrendous amounts of money. The Raymarine instruments have been tested by Raymarine who say they’re all fine but the computer’s had a bit of an accident so they’ll fix it and bring it back sometime. And just when you think you’re getting somewhere…the fridge stops working! It turns on, just doesn’t get cold…

So next week will be pretty similar and hopefully we’ll be done with maintenance, oh, but then I remember we need the steering looking at….

One beautiful thing this week arrived on the yacht-our first wedding present, from Sara in the office. I can’t wait to see what’s in it but Phil won’t let me open it! Oh well, only 5 weeks to go…

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  1. September 24, 2012 9:50 pm

    hello from Kinsale 🙂

    Lovely jam idea.

    We’ll hopefully be heading for Cannes sometime this week and if you guys are in the area it would be great to meet up. Very strange weather at the moment – i’m blaming hurrican nadine. When our fridge turns on, but doesn’t get cold,we just leave it off over night and it works in the morning! Take good care – hugs and kisses us xx

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