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Luxury Sailing Holidays: Tickled Pink

August 31, 2012

We have had a very pink week onboard with all three ladies having a particular liking for the colour! Fine by me but Phil’s been wearing his sunglasses a lot!

On Sunday we were delayed leaving Genoa due to the dredger having found an old bomb and Sunday being the day for removing it. By 1 o’clock we were on our way and there was a stiff breeze blowing from the Southeast-the direction we were headed! With 2 reefs in both sails and a bit of Donkey to help, we bounced over the waves and, although it took a while, we made it to Santa Margherita Ligure, a much calmer and flatter place!

Having tied up, we had homemade quiche Lorraine and blue cheese, pear and walnut quiches, some fresh bread and a well earned coke! A trip into town for dinner and a good sleep rendered us ready for Monday.

Monday saw us on much calmer seas and sadly with that came a lack of wind. We started with the mainsail up and Donkey helping us along and made our way to Levanto for lunch. Because of the rough weather on Sunday, the sea was not so clear but still enjoyable all the same. Lunch was a delicious chicken and peach salad followed by strawberry and blueberry pavlovas-a huge hit!!

On our way again, we ambled past the beautiful Cinque Terre, (I still haven’t decided which house I’d like!) and arrived at a very quiet Portovenere. The Italians have mostly finished their holidays now so marinas are left in peace and we have 10 spaces all to ourselves! The guests had a wander around the town before dinner and I was very nicely surprised with a PandiVino, a type of Pannetone, which happens to be one of my most favourite things!

Tuesday arrived and I was presented with another fabulous gift at breakfast-an apron in the Italia stripes with Portovenere embroidered on it. We quietly left the beautiful town and made our way back past the Cinque Terre and Levanto and finally dropped anchor (using our newly fixed anchor dropper) in Sestri Levante. A lunch of local produce followed by lemon and blueberry cakes stopped tummies rumbling and after a swim, a trip in Terry for some, and a visit from friends, it was time to head to Chiavari.

The guests returned to Sestri Levante for dinner with friends and Phil and I tried out a Brazilian restaurant in the port. We had a great night! Once we’d been given drinks, the food started arriving. We were given 8 or so small bowls of salads and a big plate and then the fun started! Different men kept coming to our table with big kebab skewers each sporting a different meat. We had sausage, chicken legs, ribs, roast beef, roast pork, gammon, prosciutto, filet mignon, roast lamb, steak, the list went on… Finally we were offered hot pineapple and then we quickly paid and made it back to the boat (just!) before falling asleep! I didn’t even hear the guests come back!

After a short run and a late breakfast on Wednesday, we raised the sails and made our way slowly towards Portofino. With a little help from Donkey we anchored in a bay, had a delicious tuna salad and a lemon mousse and then did lots of swimming! We made our way into Portofino and almost had the quay to ourselves, just Wedge Too was blocking our view of most of the town!

Thursday dawned and with it a weather warning for the weekend. The guests spent most of the day in Portofino and after a late lunch we set off for Genova and arrived just in time to start making dinner! After a delicious seafood risotto and homemade ice cream, my bed was calling! At 5am I was woken by an almighty crash and bang accompanied by flashing lights-not the disco next door but a huge storm! The rain was certainly heavy and having checked all the windows I snuggled back in to bed.

Friday morning was bright and sunny so I went for a run but unfortunately the weather was still on a red warning so it was a day in Genova for everyone. No bad thing though as there is plenty to do: the palazzo, the aquarium, the cathedral, the market, the beautiful arched shopping streets…

And that was another week, mostly dressed in pink!

To join us on our adventures call now on 0845

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