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Sailing Holidays on the Italian Riviera: Hot Nights and Breezes at Dawn…

August 11, 2012

Saturday 11th August

We’ve had a busy old week here in Italy with a lovely family of 4 onboard. We’ve certainly clocked up the miles as well, 128 in total! We started out in Genoa and on Sunday sailed along under full sail to San Fruttuoso for lunch. After a much needed swim we motored round the headland to Saint Margherita and there we stayed for 2 nights. On Monday morning we woke up rather sticky and hot and one look outside told us we weren’t going anywhere-low cloud, rough swell but no wind and by the end of the afternoon, 100% humidity!!

On Tuesday it had all gone away and although still a bit swelly, we made it to Levanto for lunch and a swim, cruised the Cinque Terre in the afternoon and were in Portovenere for tea! After a lovely dinner out in the town square and a huge ice cream we slept well!

Wednesday saw us heading to Isola Palmeria for swimming and lunch, a good way to pass time whilst waiting for a breeze, and then we sailed at various speeds and angles around the islands and up into La Spezia bay. Having seen the Navy ships, commercial yards, mussel beds and the break water in rather close proximity we headed into Le Grazie bay for the night. We had a very flat, calm and cool night anchored under the stars and had a lovely dinner of open ravioli, salmon and lemon mousse onboard the yacht.

Thursday dawned and we were off on a mammoth trip back up to Portofino. We stopped off at Levanto for lunch and a swim and then at Moneglia for another swim, although a rather tentative one as a beast of a jelly fish swam past! Once tied up in Portofino, and with our view of the square blocked by rather large motor yachts, we had time to relax with a beer! A concert was being set up but unfortunately for us the performance is tonight and it is by a very famous tenor.

Friday dawned and with it a cool breeze so we sailed up to San Fruttuoso for lunch and a swim (bit of a theme for the week!). We tried sailing after lunch but the wind was too far behind and then the thunder started rumbling!! Luckily we were on the edge of it and didn’t get wet and once safely into Genoa the sun was back in charge!

A fabulous week with some really good sailing, lots of swimming, and lovely food. An ‘awesome week’.

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