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Luxury Sailing Holidays: Sailing Under the Light of a Full Moon

August 4, 2012

Here we go… Fully booked for the next 4 weeks!!


On Wednesday afternoon our technician left us with a new sink top installed, new hatches that don’t leak (hopefully!) and a new water strainer. So that was it for us too, au revoir France! By 3pm we were making our way under sail through the masses of children in dinghies outside the Iles de Lerins and heading towards Antibes.


By 5 there was no wind so we engaged the services of Donkey and were gently motoring over a glassy sea towards our destination of Italy. We had our tea, a quick tuna and pasta, under a beautiful setting sun with the music from Phil’s ipod playing in the background (not as romantic as it sounds!).


There were few clouds around but a couple of large ones collided over the border of Italy and France and we treated to a beautiful electrical storm. After our mishap with lightning a couple of months ago, I definitely wasn’t going to sleep until I was sure it was not coming to get us, so let Phil get a kip first. As soon as his eyes shut, the lightning stopped and out came the moon!

First Light

We had a very calm motor overnight under the light of a full moon. It was really quite beautiful and of course the moon really helped with spotting a few ships! The sunrise soon came round after I’d managed a couple of hours in my bunk and at about 5am we the sun rising in front of us and the moon setting behind us!

Slowly rising

We were also lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of a porpoise and had a couple of dolphins playing briefly under the bow. It really was a perfect 18 hour journey! By 9am we were at the entrance to Genova Port and by 9.30 we were tied up in our space.

A bit more…

On Saturday a technician came to look at our mysterious Raymarine system that only works with the engine on or the shore power connected. We now know that all our batteries (all 8 of them!) are in perfect working order and that the problem is somehwere between the aerial and the battery but ‘it’s a mystery’, as he kept saying!

Day light

Now we’re all shopped out and ready for our guests that arrive this afternoon. We’re off around to the bay by Portofino and down to Portovenere this week. New recipes have been tested, (dinner tonight is chicken chausseur followed by honey mousse with an apricot compote), I’ve made jam from squishy apricots that the market guy sold me yesterday, and the ice cream’s in the freezer (homemeade raspberry ripple)! So if nothing else we’ll be eating well!!

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