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Sailing Holidays on the French Riviera: The Circus Comes to Town

July 29, 2012

Stars of the Circus

Last night we took a trip to the circus. Not just any circus and certainly not a dodgy French one with a few stray cats and dogs and the occasional sad clown. No, this was the amazing, awesome, incredible Cirque du Soleil.

Having come to Nice Port as ‘mystery shoppers’ for the company that run the port, we decided to have a night out at the circus. I’ve heard of the Cirque du Soleil before and seen snippets of their incredible work so I was sold already, we just needed tickets. We managed to get them in Virgin Megastore and the lady in the Tourist Office explained where we could get a special service bus. We found a bus with the name of the show on it and off we went. Once we arrived, we soon realised the bus we’d been on wasn’t the bus suggested by the tourist office lady but a VIP bus! The driver wasn’t bothered though and even told us where and when the return was from!

A nymph

We settled down to watch the show and we weren’t disappointed. An hour flew by with clowns filling in gaps between tumblers, acrobats, trapeze artists, a hula-hooping lady who also had a very long ribbon, and a live singer and band who added to the dramatic displays. After a quick break they were back and they produced even more death-defying feats as batons on fire were thrown around, planks held by two people were jumped upon and to top it all, the acrobats went right up to the roof. Two men were swinging from a trapeze and others were swinging around static bars and flinging themselves at the swinging ones who amazingly caught them and returned them to the bars!! – an incredible experience and certainly something to see again.


Like I said, we’ve been in Nice ‘mystery shopping’ and have had a lovely time, exploring the old town, the market, the architecture, joining in with the constant stream of runners on the Promenade des Anglais… I’ve also tried out a new breakfast recipe so look out for the next blog.

We’ve also spent three nights at anchor this week, one in Juan les Pins where I ‘slept’ on deck whilst an unpredicted wind blew through and two at the Iles de Lerins. The islands are very popular at this time of year and arriving just after 5pm we didn’t get much choice with where to anchor but as it happens we had a lovely spot. I went for a run around Sainte Marguerite (8km) on Saturday morning and this morning I went snorkelling and then we went for a stroll around Saint Honorat. We had a bit of a rolly night last night but not too bad and the sunsets more than make up for it!

Sunset at islands

Now we’re back in Cannes for a bit of boat TLC before a mad dash down to Genoa for a crazy, fully booked month! The weather forecast is good, not much wind but sea breezes should be plentiful. It’s very hot today (30C) and in Italy it’s another 5 on top of that!! The aircon is going to be working overtime!!

We still have space in September though so for those who can, why not come and enjoy a slightly calmer Riviera and balmy temperatures?

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