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Luxury Sailing Holidays on the French Riviera: St Tropez, Tahiti Plage and Fabulous Sailing

July 20, 2012

What an amazing week we have had! We have truly been treated to things we never thought we’d experience and have very much enjoyed the company of our guests this week.

Our guests flew their own helicopter here to Cannes and arrived on Friday evening. That evening we went out for dinner (after a stroll around the super yachts) to Pizza Cresci. It is a very popular place and always has a queue outside the door but when you receive you’re huge half-moon pizza you understand why! It was a very good pizza! After a further stroll, and ice cream for the boys, we headed back to the boat to sleep off our pizza babies!

The weekend sadly brought with it a lot of wind but we chanced it on Saturday morning (Cannes forecast said 10knots all day) and went for what we thought would be a quiet sail. We spent over an hour blasting up and down with just the jib in the shelter of the Isles de Lerins and eventually found a quiet spot to anchor in for lunch. After devouring a quiche and salad followed by chocolate cheesecake we decided to up anchor and return to the port of Cannes. We soon realised that 10 knots was not what we had and in fact the predicted drop in wind had not happened and we now had a Force 7 helping us into the port! We were given a very tight spot to fit into which was very difficult as the wind was side-on but with a bit of jiggling and lots of fenders we made it in.

For dinner we were treated to a delicious Bastille Day menu at Gaston Gastounette overlooking the middle-sized boats in the port. I enjoyed crab ravioli and white bait whilst Phil had foie gras and steak – the best he’s ever had he claims. Unfortunately the expected fireworks couldn’t happen because of the high wind so it was back to the boat for tea and sleep.

The order of the day for Sunday was shopping along the famous Croisette followed by a light lunch of chicken with peach and watercress salad and a yummy lemon mousse for dessert. Massages were booked at the Radisson Blu for the afternoon and after a very relaxing time, dinner on board of salmon, saffron potatoes and seasonal vegetables followed by homemade triple chocolate ice cream ended the day perfectly. Somewhere in there we also managed to catch up with some good friends on another boat ‘Kinsale’ who met last year and have kept in touch with since. We had lots of giggles and caught up with news and left with promises of meeting again in September.

On Monday the wind was calm and we were off… to St Tropez! We made it to Pampelonne Bay for lunch where our guests went to Les Palmiers and then in the evening we motored back to the town for the night. Having picked the guests up after their trip into town we headed to Canoubiers Bay for a quiet night away from the wash of tenders! The next day we took a number of children around to Pampelonne bay, had homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes and then played on the beach for a couple of hours. We had a little sail back towards St Tropez and again left everyone in town for the evening. On Wednesday we were invited to join the guests at Tahiti Plage for lunch. How could we say no?! What an experience!! We anchored up and got the tender in to the club. Having found our seats we enjoyed entrees of wooden buckets of salad and raw veg with delicious anchoide, aioli and sour cream dips. There wasn’t just a couple of sticks of carrot and celery – there were whole peeled carrots, a fennel bulb, cauliflower, a bunch of celery, radishes, vines of tomatoes, boiled eggs…Next came the biggest sea bass I’ve ever seen with some delicious ratatouille and a puree flavoured with truffle! Whilst enjoying lunch, models were walking up and down displaying the latest jewellery and fashions on sale in St Tropez and dazzling us with all the 1000s of Euros worth of bling.

After lunch the dj’s start playing and the guests start dancing! Most guests seemed to be of a younger age than me and had consumed what one can only describe as a swimming pool of rose. The bottles are so big they have to poured over the shoulder of the waiter!! And it all continues into early evening when guests including newspaper owners, Michelin starred chefs, company directors and those who are simply loaded, return to their boats to jet back to the town. Phil and I had managed to find a space in the port. Although it said reserved on it, we rang the phone number and got the space! It always pays to ask! We enjoyed a pizza in the market square, a bucket of ice cream whilst wandering along the superyachts in the old port and a spot of shopping (at midnight!!) in a fabulous shop called Pink Gin. They only sell fluorescent things and there’s no mistaking the colours!!
Thursday saw us heading back to Cannes and after a fabulous evening sail on Wednesday we were lucky enough to sail again in the morning. Under full sail we were cruising past other boats and surfing along at up to 8 knots! We enjoyed a Quinoa Greek salad with chilli and garlic chicken followed by an ‘Essential Mess’ for dessert in the Rade d’Agay. We continued on to Cannes and our guests departed shortly after as they were off to visit a rather nice restaurant, by helicopter, in Valence.

Now we’re back in Cannes and wondering if last week was all a dream or if we really did see ‘that’ person on ‘that’ boat in St Tropez!! Tonight is the UK entry in the International Fireworks Competition so with a bit of luck this one will go ahead and we can be proud to be British tonight!


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