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Sailing Holidays on the French Riviera: A Rather Fun Week

July 12, 2012

We’ve had really a rather fun week. Anchoring when there’s no guests onboard becomes a bit of a mental perseverance test! Who will crack first?! One of us usually declares that we simply have to go ashore and get off the boat but the last 4 days have really been rather fun.

We decided to anchor at Theoule which is a lovely village under the Eseterel range of hills, just to the West of Cannes. We chose a lovely spot just off the small harbour that coincidentally has a fabulous new visitor’s wall that we would definitely fit onto but the Capitain definitely said no!! We had 3 lovely flat nights, the last of which was very gusty but our anchor held firm no matter how much twisting and wriggling First Essential did!

The spot we chose was just off the beach. One evening during a stroll we happened to pick up an estate agents brochure and whilst thumbing through it we came across a 2-bed apartment on the beach. It had a large balcony and a kitchen/diner thrown in, as well as a shower and loo, all for the most affordable price of 950,000Euros!! The price you pay for living on a French beach!!

Last night we watched a very traditional French sport-jousting, on boats instead of horses!! Same principles but you get very wet if you lose!! We watched the kids first, probably no more than 12 years old, aiming at each others (well-protected) chests with lances! It then moved up through the ages until we got to the well-practised, well-built men who certainly aren’t there to lose!

I’ve done some running but it’s really too hot at any time of the day. I even tried early morning in the forest but that was just as bad! Phil likes swimming but I’m slightly put off by the occasional large jelly-fish that bobs on by! We upped anchor this morning, having spent the night sleeping on deck (much cooler but also to watch the anchor) and popped into Port de la Rague for fuel. We got a good price and left happy only to pick up a force 6-7 wind howling across to Cannes. Luckily we were heading to Cannes with the wind so opened the jib a tiny bit and cruised along at 6 knots!! So we’re now in Cannes amongst these new found friends (see picture above) but also with some old friends too. Kinsale, a boat we met last year, are here and what a lovely chat we’ve had!

Tomorrow we have some guests arriving by private helicopter, a first for us, and sailing is a first for them. I think we’re heading down to St Tropez so cross your fingers for good weather, calm seas and marina spaces!!

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