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Sailing Holidays on the French Riviera: Life on the Ocean Waves

July 8, 2012

We’ve managed to spend the last week at anchor and we’ve only had to move once! We spent a night between the Iles de Lerins outside Cannes and although very quiet outside, the slight swell made for a noisy inside-only creaks and wobbles but enough to keep me just on the edge of consciousness!

20120708-120526.jpgWe moved to Juan les Pins and so far, apart from the washes of the constant stream of super yachts, tenders, trip boats, ski boats and motor boats during the day, the nights have been very pleasant. Marinas get very hot at this time of year so it’s nice to have settled weather so we can be cool at night floating around under the stars!

20120708-120703.jpgOne certainly gets to know the boat well when it’s just the boat, the sea and me! There’s time to do what start as little jobs and seem to last all day. If you clean one spot, the next bit doesn’t look quite so good so the whole boat gets cleaned!! A little bit of sealant needed here and there turns into the whole bathroom being done!!

20120708-120816.jpgThere are some things that remain a mystery though. Last night the freezer decided to defrost itself and most things in it! The fridge did the same yesterday afternoon but is quite happily being a fridge again whereas the freezer is taking some persuading to freeze again! Of course the helplines are always ‘busy’ and email at sea is rather difficult so it’s back to the manuals and a bit of old fashioned fiddling also known as DIY!

20120708-120917.jpgThe Raymarine chart plotter has decided to have a slightly early mid-life crisis this week. Having had the wind pod replaced after it was zapped by a lightning bolt, the chart plotter is now demanding attention! It’s ok as long as the engine is on but if you want to use the sails it’s best to stay away from the land! Again, the manuals don’t quite cover mid-life crises and the phone number for UK, Europe, Far East and Middle East is (surprisingly?!) always busy!!

I’ve decided that anyone who wants to live on, work on, own a boat (delete as applicable) should definitely have plumber, engineer, electrician, gel-coat specialist, chef, cleaner, diver, tight-rope walker (for the balance) and contortionist (for getting to the places that need plumbing, cleaning, oil-changing etc) on their list of qualifications! Most of these skills can be self-taught and are definitely product specific!

20120708-121023.jpgSo today I will mostly be spending my time in some position definitely worthy of a page in the Karma Sutra whilst trying to persuade the freezer back to life! With a bit of luck I’ll get it going and will have a chance to warm up on deck in the beautiful sunshine-that’s once I’ve rustled up a feast for 2 with all the defrosted food of course!!

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