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Sailing Holidays on the Italian Riviera: An Unsettled Week

June 12, 2012

Sailing along

This week we have had very unsettled weather – something to do with the low pressure that is making its way along the coast. We left Beaulieu on Sunday, having been warned by a very king Frenchman who saw us preparing to escape at 7.30am whilst walking his dog about the strong wind and gusts that were forecast, and made our way under engine in a sloppy sea to San Remo. After three hours we arrived ahead of the weather into San Remo and felt jolly pleased with ourselves. That afternoon the wind picked up and during the late hours we registered 34.8 knots on the (newly replaced and lightning free) wind vane. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner in La Lanterna. Phil tried the pizza and I had Trofie pasta with Pesto Genovese and then an amazing version of what the English would expect to be whitebait. I received a plate with very freshly fried small fish ranging in size from goldfish to bass! Of course we also sampled the Tiramisu and Ice cream!

Amazing Ice Cream!

During the early hours of Monday the wind dropped off but with a strong wind (30-40knots) forecast for Monday we decided to stay put and visited the market. The fruit in season is different to France and a lot cheaper at that! I got some cherries (3.50/kilo), peaches (1.50/kilo), Prosciutto Ham (10 slices for 2.15) and courgettes with the flowers still attached!! All made for a yummy lunch the next day. For lunch on Monday we tried a recommended restaurant in a small square behind the old port. It was recommended to us by a gentleman sitting there having his lunch who turned out to be from Newcastle and now lives in Antibes supplying ‘fine wines to fine yachts’!! The restaurant was called Il Vittoria and we sampled their ham and melon and caprese (tomato and mozzarella) salads and then I had mussels and Phil had homemade delicious pasta.

San Remo old town

Sure enough, the wind picked up, slightly later than forecast, and dropped off at some point in the early hours. At 4am we had a quick blast but that lasted 10 minutes before the wind Gods thought better of it! With a strong wind forecast again today we were up and gone by 8.30 and charging downwind with just the jib at 8knots! We also tried out some surfing and reached 9.4 knots down one wave. We also had a couple of breakers come over the back! However, once round Capo Mele, a forecasters cut-off point, we had calmer seas and no wind! Just as we arrived into Marina di Loano there was a rumble of thunder and we managed, whilst mooring, to get the bimini out so we didn’t get too wet! We enjoyed a lunch of our loot from San Remo market whilst the rain passed through and tonight is dinner onboard (the lovely pizzeria we visited last time is closed on Tuesdays – bad planning!!) and we’re having pasta with an aubergine and tomato sauce and apple tart of some description!

The forecast for the rest of the week is somewhat calmer and clearer with slightly higher pressure being reinstated just in time for our new guests arrival into Genoa on Saturday. Here’s to sunshine and no more showers! Happy Sailing!

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