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Sailing Holidays on the Italian Riviera: Italia Baby!!

May 13, 2012

Sunday 13th May

…and we’re in Italy! Not just anywhere in Italy though-we’ve just moored up in Portofino!! There’s even a Louis Vuitton shop here, just in case you forgot those oh so important sunglasses!!

We started in San Remo last week and had a lovely time there. The town was beautiful and the market fantastic! On our trip to Genova we saw lots of wildlife: waving fish, a shark circling some driftwood and even a few turtles! There was however, a distinct lack of wind and Donkey was very busy!

In Genoa we wandered the old town, saw the cathedral and were eventually told that my shorts were not allowed-I offered to take them off but the man in charge suddenly lost his sense of humour! Ice creams are amazing, the weather has been good and sunny, we’ve seen a Mineral Show with lots of shiny minerals and we’ve eaten pizza and pasta with pesto!

Having just pulled up in Portofino, everyone else left-there’s a thunderstorm coming! So I’m off to dream of what I could be spending in the shops….

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