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April 23, 2012

Monday 23rd April

Happy St George’s day!!

First Essential went back in the water on Thursday afternoon having been thoroughly polished and freshly anti-fouled. Thankfully she still floated and once the back stay was reattached the wind blew us out of the dock at some speed!! We fuelled up, just over 400litres and less than 400 Euros! Once back in our space Phil took a trip up the mast to unwrap a rope from a light and our little visitor needed a go too!!

On Friday we filled the boat with all the meals I’ve cooked and frozen for the delivery crew: fish pies; chicken, chickpea and potato curry; shepherd’s pie; lasagne; pork in tomato sauce; and I did the fresh shopping before picking the crew up from the airport. Onboard are three guys from Fowey Maritime Centre and they are taking the boat back to Cannes for us.

This week Phil and I are in Chester and we have already been to his Grandad’s 90th birthday party, I’ve bought wedding shoes, we’ve got the rings and we’ve looked in every shop in Chester for bridesmaid dresses!! Vicar tonight, photographer and organist tomorrow!!

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