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Happy Easter!

April 8, 2012

Sunday 8th April

Our time on Tenerife is coming to an end-we only have 12 days left! The last week has given us plenty of excitement – rain, lifeboat rescues, Southerly winds- it’s all happening in our marina!!

The lifeboat has been in twice in the last week. I think the boat they rescued was the same one both times. If I had been on the lifeboat I think I would have rescued the crew and abandoned the boat as a list cause. Here’s the boat so you can make your own mind up!

The weather had been threatening rain all week with a few spots here and there but nothing to make you think it was serious. The big clouds hang around the volcano mostly and don’t make it down to the marina. However, yesterday the wind changed to SouthEast, the planes were taking off the wrong way, the barometer dropped to below 1020 and the clouds opened!!

One advantage to the rain is the rigging has had a wash and the dust is slightly less dense! This morning is a beautiful morning with a gentle southerly breeze, sunshine and all with a fantastically clear view to a snow-capped volcano!

The forecast is looking more normal towards the end of this week which is good news as we’ll be getting lifted out on Saturday for a jet wash and anti-foul. I’m personally looking forward to Tuesday night as we’re going to a Chinese restaurant for dinner-I gave it up for Lent so massively looking forward to that!
So until next week-happy sailing!

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