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A Working Weekend

April 2, 2012

Monday 2nd April

This weekend we had some of Phil’s family onboard. On Wednesday night his Dad joined us onboard and we enjoyed a yummy paella and lemon meringue pie (although there were no thunderstorms!) and on Thursday night his brother along with two friends joined us. Thursday was a productive day spent working and bouncing ideas around as well as cooking and then the rest of the weekend was spent eating, sailing, eating, drinking, eating and some more sailing!!

Jonesy and Woosie

On Friday we took the boat to ‘whale city’ and were struggling to find any whales even though it was very calm and windless. Eventually we found one but a trip boat was badgering it so we left it. We turned and headed back towards the marina and my eagle eyes spotted some fins! In total there were 4 large pilot whales and they were definitely interested in us, popping up right alongside and having a good nosey! After a while with the whales we decided to head to Marina del Sur in Las Galletas.

We had a late lunch and as there was a birthday onboard we had a delicious blue cheese, broccoli and walnut quiche, homemade bread, salad, cold meats and cheese all washed down with Sangria and followed by a chocolate cola cake filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate and cola fudge icing! Yum yum!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking around, enjoying the sunshine on the waterfront with a beer (diet coke for me!), a spot of shopping and an ice cream! For dinner we made a reservation at El Bajio, a fantastic fish restaurant right over the water in the harbour. I had some yummy fish croquettes and a grilled fish platter whilst Phil went for mixed cold meats and a chicken skewer! Somewhere on the table there was also steak, mussels, paella, Canarian potatoes, salad, chips…


On Saturday we sailed up to the Red Rock and dropped anchor. Two boys swam ashore whilst the girls made lunch and Phil had a swim under the boat (it’s a good job we’re being lifted out in a couple of weeks – she’s covered in weed!). We had a little sail back to our marina, a couple of beers and then took a trip to the Volcanic Islands restaurant for dinner. The two boys managed to polish off a mixed grill each and then shared another one as well as helping Phil out with his! This was then followed by coffee and ice cream! I had rabbit in Salmorejo sauce and a chocolate and mint ice cream with strawberries.

On Sunday Phil took his Dad around the South of the island in a car to Los Gigantes, Puerto Colon and Los Cristianos. I took the others out sailing. We had a fabulous jolly up towards the Red Rock but when we turned to come back there just wasn’t enough wind so we motored back, tied up, had lunch, a swim, a beer and then it was time for our visitors to leave – all too soon!

Today is a rather strange day – we have these wet small round things falling from the sky! The voice on the radio has also suggested there might be some thunder! Won’t stay long I’m sure!!

Happy sailing!

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