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Winds of Change

March 19, 2012

Monday 19th March

Happy Father’s Day (in Spain)!
We’ve had a fantastic, if not a bit too windy, week. We were asked last Monday by a German gentleman on a yacht next door but one if we would help him ‘go out’ in two days.Of course being the friendly sort we agreed and arranged a time to help him.
We were a little concerned as the weather forecast was predicting more and more wind as the week went on, but as it happens, he just needed help taking the boat out…of the water!!

Well one good deed deserves another and so he gave us his car the following day! We decided to go to El Medano so Phil could do some windsurfing. There was a good breeze and off he went. I decided to have a look around the town and then got myself a coffee and watched the surfers flying along! After 2 hours Phil had had enough and with an aching body and blistered hands, we went for lunch-the biggest burger and chips ever!!

I gave the car key back to the German gentleman, who is somewhere in his 70s, and in my best German explained what we had done. I then asked about where he goes in the Summer and he explained he takes the boat back to Germany and then sails around Sweden, Norway, Holland etc but his favourite place is Sweden for the ‘Summer mushrooms’. He likes the cake they make with them and then when it’s rough and he’s sailing he doesn’t mind because he has his cake!!

Also this week: you would be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back in time in our marina. We currently have 4 tall ships moored up keeping out of the wind! They take up a lot of room but are quite fascinating to look at.
The fishing competition that was scheduled for the weekend sadly could not take place as it was too windy and rough but hopefully it will be rescheduled soon.

And finally: with the arrival of March it seems that the world finally tilted on it’s axis and pointed Tenerife at the sun! Not only do we have hot temperatures but the wind is warm as well! Sadly, the warm wind comes from the Sahara and brings with it plenty if dust to cover the boat with! Keeps Phil busy scrubbing outside and me polishing inside!

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