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An Interesting Week

March 10, 2012

Saturday 10th March


Dutch Tall Ship

We’ve definitely had an interesting week here in Tenerife. We had a few new visitors to the marina including a Tall Ship from Holland. Once settled in their berth it was all hands on deck from the crew and off they went up the masts to put the sails away neatly!

I think the idea behind their visit was to miss out the gales that were forecast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was certainly a very windy day with a solid 25 knots blowing through the marina. We decided to get off the boat and take the bus (a first in Tenerife!) to Costa Adeje which is on the less windy coast along with Los Cristianos and Las Americas.

Although not the prettiest of places, we had arranged to meet up with some friends who are staying in a rather nice hotel, the ‘Jardin Tropical’ in Costa Adeje. We had a wander around and met them for a late lunch after their tour bus from the volcano ‘half-day’ trip arrived back about 3.30!! We had a lovely relaxed late lunch/early tea and then strolled back to the hotel for a drink in the very comfy, massively over-sized chairs and sofas in the gardens.


Jardin Tropical

We arranged to meet up on the boat on Friday when hopefully the wind would have dropped off! Thursday arrived and Phil gave the outside of the boat a good wipe down to get rid of the dust that had accumulated over the week. However, by the afternoon, a thick haze was gathering over El Teide and by 5pm we couldn’t see the hills behind the marina! The wind dropped right down and we had a very foggy night. By yesterday morning we discovered that it wasn’t a fog, it was a dust cloud, brought in by the warm desert winds we’d had on Tuesday before the strong winds, and over night it had dumped it’s contents all over the boat! Phil was slightly annoyed but just got the hose out and thoroughly blasted it!


The Dust Cloud

Chris and Lucinda arrived with lots of goodies, the boat was clean and we were off! We pulled the jib out just outside the marina and sailed off on calm waters downwind towards Punta Rasca and the whales. The dust cloud had cleared from around the marina but was still very clearly over Los Crisitanos. We eventually lost the wind and had to use the engine to get us to the middle of where the whales can be seen. We had to look around a bit, and after being teased by one whale, we came across a whole family. The babies are getting bigger and the adult whales are not shy. They came right up to the boat and we got some fabulous views of  them. They don’t have long attention spans though and were soon diving down out of sight, so we headed to Palm Mar and anchored up for lunch.


Pilot Whales

Having dipped our toes off the back and caught enough sunshine we decided to head back to the marina. The wind had picked up and although only 6 – 9 knots was forecast we had 25! 2 reefs in the main sail and a full jib saw us sailing along at 7 knots and before we knew it we were home. After a refreshing sangria and some yummy chocolates we headed out for dinner at the Volcanic Islands. We had a fabulous day with lovely friends.

Today, Phil is washing the boat again! This time it’s to get rid of all the salt spray from yesterday and later this week he’s going up the mast to get all the dust off the stays and spreaders. I get the more fun jobs of cleaning the speedo, which stubbornly refused to work yesterday, and the clothes washing! This week we’re looking forward to slightly calmer winds and hopefully no more dust clouds!!

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