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The arrival of March…

March 4, 2012

Saturday 4th March

Well we certainly know March has arrived in Tenerife-the winds are blowing and blowing, all day and all night without pausing for breath! At least this gives us clear skies (so a sheltered spot gives good temperatures) and excellent clear views of the volcano El Teide.

Today I took advantage of access to the hotel pool areas to top up my tan and Phil has gone to play a round of golf-he’s quickly turning into a Sunday golfer and I don’t know whether to start worrying or not?!

We’ve met an Aussie guy who is skippering an Oyster yacht for a guy and is packed full of business guests each week but we managed to share dinner and photos with him this week. I’m definitely off to Australia when the chance arrives!!

This week we are planning on doing something we haven’t yet done in Tenerife and that’s trying out the bus system. We have some friends from home staying near Puerto Colon and it’s too windy to sail there at the moment so we’re going on the bus, or guaguas (wah wahs). Who knows if we’ll get the right one or if it will turn up even?!

In a couple of weeks there’s a fishing competition being held from our marina. It’s all for charity and given the number of sport fishing boats in here it should be well turned out. Can’t wait to see what they catch and I’m certainly looking forward to the freshly caught lunch!!

Don’t miss our delicious recipe of the week in a couple of days and if you have missed any they’re all in the category ‘Recipe of the Week’ at the right of this page. Catch you later…,

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