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What an amazing couple of days!

February 27, 2012

Monday 27th February

We have had a fabulous couple of days sailing. Yesterday the wind was 15-17knots, just perfect for us with full sail heading up wind. We got up to the red rock in record time and even found a yellow buoy that was deemed invisible!

Having reached the red rock we turned down wind, flattened out and had some lunch! Phil had a ham and cheese roll and I had rye bread with cream cheese and cucumber! We continued sailing down wind and reached Punta Rasca at which point we decided to head back up wind as the wind was dropping and headed into Marina del Sur.

This morning there was quite a breeze but it was forecast to drop all day so we made use of the time and went to buy some fruit, vegetables, postcards and stamps. After all that shopping and the threat of more Phil needed some sustenance so we stopped by a cafe for churros and chocolate!

Having written and posted the postcards and scoured a few more shops for bargains it was lunchtime and Phil had his eye on a pizza place that he’d noticed last night. Full of pizza, we decided it was time to set sail once more and, having been told it was ‘quite’ windy by a Russian and that we were a bit crazy, we set off.

The wind was a perfect force 3 and we sailed really nicely all the way back to our marina. The only downside to the day was that another boat has been put in our space and we’ve had to wait on the wall whilst they find another space. Poor Phil is changing fenders round like there’s no tomorrow whilst hanging on with one hand as we spin round yet again waiting for some guy on Spanish time to decide what’s happening!

Overall though we’ve had a fabulous couple of days and the forecast for the week is really good too. Here’s to lots of happy sailing…

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