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February 21, 2012

Yesterday Phil and I went to experience one of the biggest events on Tenerife each year-carnival!

We arrived into Santa Cruz about 3pm, giving us a chance to have a good look around the town (and spend lots of money in Benetton!) before the real fun got started!

We based ourselves at the main stage and were entertained with an endless flow of dance troupes all dressed in the ‘flower power’ theme of 2012. One group of young gymnasts/dancers were extremely good…

While one group went for the cute factor…

Once our eardrums were suitably bruised, we went for a wander around the other stages and happened to end up walking past all the food stalls! So of course we emptied our pockets of all our change and filled our tummies with churros and papas asadas (baked potatoes) followed by candy floss, toffee apples, sweeties, cookies…

It was all topped off with a go on the big wheel (part of the incredible night fair), beautifully lit up and with incredible views over night time Santa Cruz. We didn’t get to see the Carnival Queen. I think she was having a night off before the parades and fireworks tonight and I don’t blame her! She has a costume the size of a small country to cart around with her every time she steps out!

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