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Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands: A Fabulous Week

February 16, 2012

Thursday 16th February

We’re back in the marina in San Miguel and what a week we’ve had. I’ll take you through the highlights!

We set sail on Sunday morning for Los Gigantes with a good breeze blowing. We saw the whales and for the first time we heard them making their sonar noises and one was feeling especially happy and slapping the water with it’s tail. We carried on round to Baja de Adeje where the shipwreck is and had lunch. The wind picked up and we carried on towards Los Gigantes but eventually we decided it was too rough for the harbour entrance and we turned round and sped back towards Las Galletas.

Once in Las Galletas we enjoyed a sunset beer and dinner in El Bajio overlooking the marina. Next day we were off to La Gomera. Another typical Canarian day of wind, no wind, sunshine, cloud, lots of wind… The next day we awoke to find that the Valentine’s fairy had been and left us some delicious sweeties! It was too windy for sailing so we stayed tucked up in the marina and had a relaxing day. Dinner on board that night of paella and white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake (recipe to follow).

Wednesday came and we tried for Los Gigantes again. It looked like we would have to turn back for La Gomera at one point as I couldn’t steer the boat! The wheel seemed to be stuck. Having looked at all the steering gear and not been able to work out the problem, turning back seemed the only option. But as we turned the autopilot started beeping, informing me it had stopped following a route and all of sudden I could drive again! I had been trying to steer against the auto pilot!! Feeling very silly, we turned back towards Los Gigantes, passed some surfing whales, had lunch in harbour and dinner in a very nice restaurant on the quay!

Today we had to motor to lunch and then we caught the edge of a rain shower and had to put our shade up! But then, we had a beautiful sail under full sail, 12-15knots of wind and a calm sea. Just perfect sailing. The best sail we’ve had out here yet and all topped off with a yummy crepe from the Pancake Cafe.

We’ve had a fabulous week with lovely guests and have been treated to some delicious meals in lovely surroundings. Back in San Miguel we are moored up and Phil’s already started de-salting us!

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