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The North Wind doth blow…

February 5, 2012

…but where is the snow?!

So right now i’m wishing I was in a house that doesn’t bounce around in the wind, or creak, groan, get slapped by water, have ropes that bang the mast no matter where you put them…

In the picture above you can probably make out the small white tips of waves- in the marina!! The record yesterday was 41 knots blasting through, today so far it’s 44! That’s a force 9 for those who know about these things, one mark off a storm force 10! Happy days!!

Luckily we parked with our nose to the wind so at least I have a nice sheltered spot under the spray hood that’s in the sun (when the clouds allow). Locals keep expecting rain but so far we’ve had no evidence of that little meteorological phenomena!

Last night we watched the rugby in the Irish bar and then went for dinner with the couple off the big Jongert 2400M and the gentleman who is off an Oyster 66. I felt rather smug as everyone was supporting Scotland as they rightly should have done being Scottish, but good old Blighty won the day! We had lovely steaks and sangria at the Volcanic Islands but it didn’t help me sleep and every hour I was up checking fenders! Their socks, having been patched with neoprene are now doing well but the remaining sock material is rapidly being munched by the pontoon!!

So for now I’m sitting hoping the weather forecast is right and praying to all the wind gods I can think of that they’ll leave us be fairly soon, calm down and concentrate on giving us some snow on old Teide! I’ve also got some coffee and chocolate biscotti on the go and whiskey and honey semifredo setting! Tempted?!

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  1. February 6, 2012 6:24 pm

    We really sympathise guys, (sitting in our bricks and mortar in UK!!)…… We’ll be back out your way at the end of April/early May and again progressing via La Ciotat so you never know we may meet again. Take care and Fair Winds
    Neil and Alexandra SY Kinsale

    • February 7, 2012 11:08 am

      Good to hear from you. The yacht is being delivered by Fowey Maritime Centre back to Cannes during first week of May. We’ll be busy at home planning the wedding! Then we’ll rejoin the yacht on 5th May in Cannes. Hopefully see you there or in Italy in June? Still windy!! Kate x

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