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The Red Rock

February 2, 2012

Phil and I set out on one of my ‘shall we go for a walk?’ walks and wandered along the coast to Los Abrigos, a small fishing village sheltered from the NE winds but with quite a swell bouncing into the harbour. We bought a drink each to go with our picnic and found a sunny spot on the harbour wall.

Having eaten our lunches, a sandwich and crisps for Phil and fruit salad and cheese for me, and chatted aimlessly for a while, I persuaded him to go further. We walked out of Los Abrigos towards the Red Rock and El Medano beach. Rather than walk along the road we took the coastal route which took us past some small deep water coves, not big enough for the yacht but small enough for people to claim as theirs for the day!

We wandered past 3 motor homes parked up together for the weekend in a U shape with the BBQ going well and exchanged ‘Hola’s. We crossed a beach with a couple of pop-up tent campers on one side and, on the other side, against the walls of a plantation, were lots of lean-to’s. Perhaps belonging to the workers as weekend retreats or just a small plot of land that people have staked a claim to. Some had well laid out gardens, others built in bbq’s and plenty of garden furniture!

On the corner of the beach was a more substantial little house built into a rock and using mud and stones for a roof. It looked like a perfect grown-up weekend den!

A little further along we came across the Pirate’s Chest bar and then the beach connected to the Red Rock. I didn’t make Phil walk any further as he’s not a good trekker! So instead we shared a drink and watched with much amusement as a naked couple wandering the shore line kept pointing out jelly fish to more conservatively dressed people!!

The red rock provides a sheltered bay where once or twice a week a tanker brings in the fuel for the airport, piping it through a line direct to the airport. It also provides a good amount of protection from the wind and waves for visiting yachts.

People who like a challenge like to climb along the bottom edges of the rocks and jump into the sea whilst others prefer to climb to the top for good views along the coast.

On the far side of it is El Medano, the windsurfing capital if the island. On a quiet day there can be anywhere between 50 and 100 windsurfers and kite surfers all crammed into their restricted space. But the wind and waves are good, the beach is sandy, the hire cheap and the bars good!

On our return to the boat I made pizzas for tea as a special treat after such a long walk (I think we did about 5 hours!). We’re now looking forward to the early Spring weather in Tenerife of dust storms, torrential downpours and snow on the volcano! Sounds terrible but apparently if we just get one of the three then it’s a bad year!!

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