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Baby Whales

January 19, 2012

Thursday 19th January

My littlest sister Lily (although she’s not that little anymore) came to see us last week. Tomorrow is her 21st birthday, which I cannot believe! I remember the day she was born: Hannah and I were taken to Grannie’s and I had a birthday party to go to at Diner’s Den. Just before I went we were told Mummy had had a little girl. Well, we didn’t want another sister, we wanted a brother, so no phone calls to aunties were made by us and I told no one at the party!! Later that day, however, we got to see her and I quickly changed my mind about a brother!!

So here we are 21 years later and now she can even fly on airplanes by herself! So she managed the trip to Tenerife and off we went for a couple of days.

On Wednesday we had a fabulous downwind sail past Las Galletas and Punta Rasca light house (renamed Gribbin Head by Lily). We gybed round the corner and surprisingly kept the wind past Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje at which point we decided to drop the mainsail as we now had 28 knots of wind behind us!!

Phil rang ahead to Los Gigantes and secured us the only visitor berth that’s not against a wall and we carried on. The wind finally died about 6 miles before the port and we had calmer water to view the landscape from!

Once in the marina we had some lunch (potato soup!), and then got an ice cream on the beach. After a stroll around the very nice shops that had sales but were still ‘very nice shops’ and a look at some real estate we headed back to the boat to relax before showers and a lovely meal in a pizza and fish restaurant on the quay. The pizzas were like flying saucers!!

On Thursday we headed back to our marina. We had nice calm seas to start with which were perfect for whale watching. We motored out for about an hour and eventually came across a few sleepy pilot whales and a couple of playful babies. We followed them for a little while and then picked up the wind and a rather lumpy sea. After trying motor sailing we eventually put both sails up and went the long way round which was actually quicker!!

Once back in our marina we showered, went to see sunset from the bar at happy hour and then went for dinner up on the golf course.

Of course no birthday is complete without pancakes for breakfast so we had a late brunch before Lily’s flight home in the Pancake Cafe! As for a cake? A whole tin of Chocolate Orange Brownie seems to have disappeared!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!


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