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Phil goes Diving

January 14, 2012

Friday 13th January

We’ve had a fabulous week here, my littlest sister Lily is 21 next week and as Christmas and birthday present we bought her a return flight so she could come and see the yacht. This tied in well with a trip to Los Gigantes and a visit to the baby whales- but more on that another time.

Last week Phil used his Christmas present of a voucher for a dive with Amarilla Divers, our local diving school. He booked himself in for a morning dive and although it was slightly overcast and chilly, the light was still good underwater and the 5mm wetsuit helped enormously!!

We drove up to Abades on the North side of the airport where a beach is surrounded by a natural reef and maximum depths of ten metres-perfect for beginners. Having donned all their kit and pumped up jackets with air they floated themselves off the beach and put their flippers on. Hand signals were checked and mouth pieces connected to air tanks inserted and down they went!

After about 45 minutes they resurfaced, the instructor looking frozen and Phil rather happy that he’d done a second successful dive! They saw cuttle fish, scorpion fish, a ‘Lily’ fish (it had a very pink stripe) and lots if other sea life. There was a threat of a feisty resident angel shark but he was obviously feeling the chill and was still in bed!

The town of Abades is a little odd, it is more a very organised collection of houses with a couple of cafes by the beach and a mini supermarket. There is a big church on the hill but by the looks of it it never got finished, much the same as quite a lot of buildings where money has simply run out! I am assured, however, that in the summer the place is packed!

We’re experiencing some odd weather at the moment; light, slightly southerly winds, big waves, overcast but warm. Tonight we’re attending the brief from the Marina about their organised trip to La Gomera for the weekend, and depending on how well organised they are, we may tootle across with them.

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