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La Orotava

January 7, 2012

Saturday 7th January

Yesterday Phil and I hired a car and went to the end of the North motorway to a town called La Orotava.

On the North of the island, it is a large and busy town, clearly divided into two areas, the old and the new. The new being very commercial and full of shops and concrete, the old being famous for its’ balconies and architecture.

The area has been designated an Artistic and Historical Composite and many of the buildings are open to the public all year round. Yesterday was a National holiday so none were open but the Plaza had a Nativity scene all around it. Everyone seemed to be there!!

We managed to get into one building, the Casa de Los Balcones, which has many of the famous wooden balconies on the outside but a courtyard and more balconies on the inside. The main rooms are dressed as an old Spanish wealthy man’s house but the downstairs rooms are small shops selling traditional hand made laces, cloths and jewellery.

On the way up to La Orotava we stopped at Humboldt’s viewing lay-by. It was definitely a good choice as there was a perfectly placed cafe with prices cheaper than some in town!! I had a cappuccino something or other which came in what looked like a large martini glass. It was layered condensed milk, coffee, squirty cream and chocolate sprinkles and looked more like something Phil would usually order for dessert! He had a coke and we had shared some churros-the first since being in Spanish waters-and the bill was just 6.50!!

Today is a busy day in the marina with changeovers for charters, the pirates that arrived a couple of days ago are busy sanding and whipping, another boat has a diver cleaning underneath and we’re on the never-ending task of dusting!! At least the sun is out!

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  1. carolyn reeves permalink
    January 13, 2012 1:39 pm

    Looks like a good recki trip – love the photos also your receipe of the week.

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