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Happy New Year

January 3, 2012

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Back on the boat

We made it to Manchester airport this morning just after the rain stopped and had a good flight back to Tenerife. Good news was all the babies (and the old people) were well behaved and we got given emergency exit seats having assured the lady we were fit and able bodied?! The only annoying thing was Phil’s bag which was ok with Spanish Thomas Cook was not ok with English Thomas Cook and had to be emptied and checked in, albeit for free but annoying none the less!

Yesterday was Beatrix’s 1st birthday and so we paid a visit to Crewe with a monster cake that was geologically engineered by Auntie Lily! Beattie thought it was all fabulous and Maurice, who now has the hang of opening presents, thought it was fantastic!! He doesn’t quite understand that the presents were not for him to open but Beattie didn’t seem to mind!

The bubble machine was a good way to run off some cake-fuelled energy and even the dog enjoyed it!!

Thankfully the boat is as we left it, if not a little dustier, and the temperature is certainly more agreeable than at home! Tomorrow we’ll put the boat back together and get some shopping and then it’s back to business!


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