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A Week at Home

December 29, 2011

Thursday 29th December

Happy birthday Lucy!!

What a busy week we’ve had since we surprised my family. Maurice finally got to open his presents on Christmas Day after another early morning. I went to the Cathedral with Phil and sang a few Christmas descants and even met a few other former choristers. On our return everyone had arrived and the babies’ presents were already being enjoyed by everyone! Uncle Peter provided a Derby Pie for lunch (a hot water pastry crust filled with chicken, sausage meat, boiled eggs and ham, all tightly pressed) along with salads and Christmas treats such as Sticky Billy, Millionaire’s Shortbread and lots of Auntie Janice’s Mince Pies!

Various parties went for a walk to the river and round the walls in Chester in the afternoon whilst the turkey, this year called Thug, was stuffed, roasted, and rested. The veggies were all ready and before long it was time to eat again!! We had a fabulous dinner followed by charades and other various stocking filler games.

All too soon it was Boxing Day morning and when I looked at my watch it definitely was too soon! Our little visitor came at 6am and we watched The Jungle Book! This was followed by breakfast, a walk through the park and by the river with the dog, baking at 9.30, a visit to the vicar at 10.30, lunch in Browns’ at 1145 and then a trip to Auntie Jane’s!! What a day!!

Since then we’ve been to Newbury and visited Phil’s parents, brother and sister, had a lovely dinner out, taken it in turns to have the current tummy bug, done the sales, found nothing, looked for bridesmaid dresses, and tomorrow it’s horse riding and babies!

Having a fabulous time, slightly cold, and looking forward to the sunshine!


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