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December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Phil and I left a beautiful sunny Tenerife yesterday to fly home and surprise my family by arriving for Christmas. As far as they were all concerned we were staying in Tenerife and having a warm Christmas but at 1255 we took off and by 1945 we were creeping in the door!!

It took a while to register that it was us and we were indeed here and not in Tenerife but my two sisters were first to jump up and then Dad, who really had no clue we were coming home, was very surprised and even a bit blurry eyed!!

Mum was in the kitchen and had heard nothing of the fun so we did another surprise arrival in the kitchen!! The champagne was popped and the story told several times!

Today has been a noisy day, starting with the clubbers making their way out of Chester this morning, followed by Maurice having a walk around at 0330, then the street cleaner at 0500 and Maurice again at 0715 ready to go and firing on all cylinders plus a couple of jet packs and turbo boosts!! By 0815 we had both babies in the high chairs enjoying their breakfast!!

Maurice took advantage of the mayhem and quietly took himself off and had a secret present opening session by himself under the tree! I’m learning it’s very difficult to be cross with a 2 year old when they are so cute and really don’t understand why if it has your name on it you can’t open it today!!

The mayhem continued with a trip to Great Grannie’s, lunch by the river, a trip to Great Grandad’s and now they are at the Cathedral Crib Service before bath and bed. The busy day doesn’t stop there though!! Oh no!! We have Great Grannie, Auntie Janice, Uncle Peter and Ian arriving for dinner at 1830 and then hopefully at some point in the early hours a certain man with a big belly, white hair and a white beard, wearing a red suit might just pop down the chimney! Just so long as he does it quietly tonight please!

Happy Christmas.

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  1. December 26, 2011 12:26 pm

    Happy Christmas you two and welcome back to chilly UK for a few days. See you back in the warm!!

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