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December 19, 2011

Monday 19th December

A new week and with it new weather. We still have the beautiful sunshine but there are a few clouds around. The biggest change is the wind-it has eased off and swung through 180degrees to the South. I’m sure it’s just local morning wind as all the forecasts say Northerly winds.

We’ve had some large boats arrive overnight into the marina. ‘Bessie May’ is a frequent visitor. She’s a fellow West Country girl, from Plymouth, and seems to pick up weekly visitors from Tenerife. I think she’s an old cargo sailing vessel as her main compartment has a slatted cover which you remove plank by plank and fold back the ‘spray hood’ made from a hefty tarpaulin! We’ve also got ‘Ocean Phoenix’ a beautiful Phoenix 76′.

We’ve been busy decorating the yacht. We decided that although we don’t feel too Festive out in the sun, at night it’s cosy enough to acknowledge the season! So after a long walk we found some good shops and purchased a few small items.

One thing’s for sure, our Christmas Day will be much quieter than that of my parents who have my youngest sister arriving on Thursday, two grandchildren arriving on Friday, one of which can escape from any room now, and my other sister and husband, no doubt complete with sacks of toys and the laptop/iPad etc. My auntie, uncle and cousin (the other one is currently mid-Atlantic in a rowing boat) and Grannie will join the mayhem on Christmas Day!

So for now I’ll enjoy the quiet, the sun and the sailing and wish you all a Happy Christmas, whatever you may be doing.

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