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Shall we go for a walk?

December 15, 2011

This is one of those rhetorical questions that I ask Phil quite a lot and he knows the answer has to be ‘yes’! So today we went for a walk/trek over to Las Galletas.

I even gave him advance notice last night so he could get used to the idea and I dressed it up with ‘drinks and lunch included’-always works!!

So at 1015 we left the boat in the marina to sit out the ever increasing wind, donned our trainers (1st time mine have left the cupboard), and set off across the barren cactus-ridden noman’s land between us and civilisation. Of course as well as the cacti we have to cross the yellow rock which is a lovely place but scattered with a very common variety of nature that pops up quite often round here known as the ‘rudey nudey German’.

You may think I’m being rude or stereotypical but it is a fact that if you find a naked person here they will be German, pretty much the same as if it’s blowing 40knots you know the 1 sailing boat out there is full of Germans!

Anyway, we made it across the rudey nudey rock with sunbathing wildlife and were soon back in to civilisation. We stopped for a coffee at a lovely cafe on the front called ‘The Pink Parrot’. Not a typical species of the Canaries as far as I’m aware but nevertheless still a good coffee.

The lady did enquire about my blue Atlantic Row wrist band and said she’d seen it on the news about the boat that had capsized so I told her that the two guys were fine and currently on their way to St Maarten on a cruise ship. I’m just glad it was dark when they were rescued as most crews are currently rowing naked!!

We did some Christmas shopping, well I did and Phil had some game of hide and seek going and then we were on our way back.

We sniffed out a lovely little restaurant for lunch and Phil enjoyed a pizza whilst I tucked into a vegetable Spanish Tortilla. It was a slightly windy affair walking back and I found myself leaning slightly sideways to keep upright and avoid the old prickly pears!!

6 hours after we left we’re back! I think next time I’ll change the question to ‘Shall we go for a hike?’ and see how far that gets us!!

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  1. December 22, 2011 12:46 pm

    Hi Kate,
    Good to hear you’re both keeping well, I know how windy it gets there, so pleased to know you’re not getting blown all over the sea. It’s really funny, but since we’ve been back in England, and this happens every year, I take no notice of the weather at all, and realise just how dominant it is in our lives when we’re on the boat. Keep the bloggs going, I really enjoy hearing about your adventures,you’re so descriptive that I can picture the two of you clearly, and it does make me smile.

    Lots of love
    Alexandra (SY Kinsale)

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