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The Moscow Ballet in San Sebastian

December 3, 2011

Saturday 3rd December

Last night Phil and I enjoyed some culture and went to see the Moscow Ballet’s tour of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ in the auditorium of San Sebastian on La Gomera. It was, in fact, so popular that they had to put a second performance on!

It was a beautiful performance and the prima ballerina and her man were fantastic. I quite liked her tutu and had I not already chosen a wedding dress…

Phil and I went to a lovely cafe/restaurant for dinner afterwards. I enjoyed the sangria and fresh fish and Phil had a very manly dinner of beer and meatballs!

At some point in the early hours of this morning I was awoken by three things all at once: the wind which had suddenly picked up to 30knots; the jazz flute being played two boats down; and the party sending off the Atlantic rowers.

My cousin’s boat is now ready, fully stocked, safety checks done, spare oars stowed, emergency gear working and camera installed! Tomorrow at noon they are due to start just off the harbour wall and we’ll be there with the family on board to wave him off. Apparently one of the Scandinavian girls has done a lot of publicity at home and a cruise ship is coming to follow the fleet for 30minutes or so.

I’ve been and tested the boat, we had a row in the calm- it was quite easy to row but the waves make it tricky to get both oars in together! I think I managed about 2 knots boat speed which would equate to 65 days at sea to Barbados! No thanks!!

You can follow the rowers’ progress at and it will show you the tracked positions and routes of the boats. The boat you’re looking for is ‘Go Commando’ with John and Barney and the team name is ‘H2rOw’.


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