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Las Galletas

November 30, 2011

Wednesday 30th November

Whilst we’ve been slightly quieter here in Tenerife we’ve been exploring good places to take guests for day trips from our marina. One sunny day we decided the wind was just perfect for popping out for the day. We unplugged our electricity, let go of the lines and, just like that, we were off.

We decided to head for Los Cristianos, a short sail away and, with the prevailing wind blowing, a sheltered spot to anchor up for lunch. We hoisted our sails and it wasn’t long before we were cruising past Punta Rasca light and turning the corner onto the West coast of the island.

As always (although I think we’ve been very lucky) we were joined by a pod of Pilot whales and big daddy whale said hello this time as well. I reckon he’s about 20feet long and very wide. He came right across the back of the boat and blew water at us! Dolphins are not so common in the deeper waters, but as we headed in towards Los Cristianos we saw a few around the fish farms (obviously hoping for some escapees for lunch!).

We headed in to the bay in Los Cristianos but decided that due to the commercial traffic of ferries, fishing boats and large pleasure craft, it wouldn’t be an ideal spot for anchoring, so we went about 500m back round the corner to a quiet spot with a rather large cave in the cliffs! The large catamaran pleasure trips occasionally drive up to the entrance and toot their horns but we had a ‘borrowed’ kayak onboard and took a paddle in. It’s a very tall and dark cave and I wouldn’t fancy going too far in but it’s quite something!

There are a couple of lovely beaches around Los Cristianos and Las Americas and down at Del Duque one can pretend one is on one’s yacht for the day before retiring back to one’s 6* penthouse suite! Not a very windy area as the acceleration zones zip down the North and South sides of the islands, but a pleasant, calm area where the sea-life is at it’s best.

On our way back, again we saw the whales, back from their day of fishing, and having taken a while to round Punta Rasca and with dark quickly falling we decided to pop into Las Galletas for the night. It’s only 2 miles from our marina but a useful place to go to as it is much more Spanish than the area surrounding our marina and has some lovely sea-front Tapas bars. We radioed up and wandered into the marina, having been by car we roughly knew the layout. A friendly marina guy gave us a wave and shouted ‘tres’ to us and pedalled off on his bike! We manoeuvred our way towards pontoon three and he waved us into a space. He wasn’t sure if it was big enough and gave us the option of a bigger space further up, but having learnt to park in France, this space was luxurious!!

Having paid our dues and thanked the marina guy who was very friendly and helpful, we decided to try one of the local tapas bars for dinner. We opted for Sangria (note to self: I must learn the word for ‘small’) and ordered papas fritas, pollo con piri piri, albondigas and calamares. The piri piri was very spicy and my lips tingled all night! We found a Heladeria for dessert and made our way back to the boat for a lovely night’s sleep.

In the morning we could have gone back to the sea-front bars for breakfast with a record-breaking full-English for just two Euros sixty but we decided to stick with cereal and fruit and then explore the town. The Spanish certainly don’t get up early and at 11am people were still opening up their shops, having breakfast of hot chocolate and churros, and just heading back home with the daily bread! Not like the French who would have done all this before 6am and included a 10mile run as well!!

The fruit shop was very cheap so we stocked up and also purchased local spices such as the sweet paprika used in everything and a ‘solmerejo’ spice rub, particularly good with rabbit. The bread shop ‘Panaderia’ and the ‘Dulceria’ (a biscuit/pastry shop) were also paid a visit. Fully laden we headed back to the boat, slipped our lines and headed back to our marina.

A successful trip!


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