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Exploring our Local Area

November 18, 2011

Tuesday 15th November

Exploring our Local Area

We don’t have to go far from our base to experience many different activities on offer in Tenerife. In fact, we don’t even have to leave the marina!

Our marina is based in the Amarilla Golf Resort. It is under the 11th hole and not far from the course’s signature 5th hole which, I am told, is a challenge as to get the par score you have to hit your ball over the ravine. I’m sure it’s tricky as having walked past on a nice relaxing stroll I’ve had balls land in front of me, from someone who’s obviously missed the green or the fairway, and also lost the ability to shout ‘fore’!!

It’s a lovely 18-hole course that winds up and down the surrounding area, not crowded in, plenty of surrounding bars including ‘the 19th hole’, and the views are spectacular. The club house is conveniently situated a 10 minute stroll from the boat and at 80Euros a round, including club and buggy hire as well as green fees, it seems a very good deal.

There is also a pitch and putt which Phil had threatened to take me on – I did suggest that we may well get banned from ever visiting again as my ability with balls and hand-eye co-ordination is not so great – but he seems convinced he’ll get me golfing before the season’s out! Maybe I ought to get some practice on the driving range and then I can just be his driver in the buggy!!

There’s also a pool, open to the public, but as we are a part of the resort by having the boat in the marina we are allowed to use it for free. There is a conveniently placed bar just next to it and it overlooks the driving range which leads down to the coast. the pool is nicely planted with palm trees providing a little shade when needed and the sun-loungers are very comfortable!! It’s all very civilised and somewhere I head to when I need bit of terra firma under my feet!

Within our marina itself there are also other water-based activities to take part in. If you’ve had enough of being on the water, you can try getting in it! We have our very own yellow submarine that makes up to 4 trips a day out into the sea and dives to 60metres! It also has a support boat that sends down a diver to attract the fish – I’m not sure if she’s big enough to attract sharks – but the fish are quite incredible andc you don’t even have to get wet!

There’s also ‘Amarilla Divers’ who provide PADI courses and taster sessions. So if you fancy getting up close and personal with the underwater life – something I never like to even have to contemplate doing – then our marina has it all!

If you fancy your hand at fishing, we have a hand line, but the fish around here would probably see it as a joke! We chatted to a guy the other day and they’d caught a 100kg Tuna – that’s bigger than me!! Game fishing is a serious business out here. Even the private, just-for-fun fishing boats have the chairs on the back that look like dentists chairs. Think Robson Green and his TV programme where he had to be strapped in and it still beat him!! I was toying with the idea of installing a chair in the emergency tiller fitting but even if we were to land a fish I’m not sure we’d know what to do with it and at that size I’d live off it for a year!! So if you fancy yourself as a serious fisherman, there is definitely the opportunity to experience the thrill of landing a big one here!!

After all that excitement there are plenty of places to relax around the marina. There are two bars, one privately run and one run by the marina which also has wifi. Happy is 5 – 6pm where you can buy a beer or wine and get one free. There’s always lots of chat going round about the day’s sailing or round of golf and the terrace has a perfect view of the wall where the charter yachts have to park – this provides us real yachties with much amusement, especially when there’s lots of wind and the incoming boat ends up side on across the bows of the already parked yachts!! The sound of tangled anchors is not one I ever want to hear coming from my bow!!

So until next time I shall be relaxing in the pool, in my diving gear with the monster of a fish I caught and wishing I’d chosen the submarine instead!





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