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Tenerife – First Impressions

November 14, 2011

Saturday 12th November

First Impressions

El Teide

They always say first impressions are hard to change but here my initial impression of Tenerife is rapidly changing, for the better. We arrived in the dark, under a full moon, and it was difficult to get any idea of what we arriving to. To be honest all we really cared about was getting to bed for more than 6 hours whilst bouncing around on the Atlantic!

Once we’d caught up a bit with sleep we all surfaced and woke to a beautiful day and an amazing view up to ‘El Teide’, the volcano peak. The marina, however, we were a little unsure of. It’s very new and still a work in progress. Although there’s a toilet and shower block, there didn’t appear to be any other facilities such as a shop, restaurant or chandlery. On further inspection, there is a row of restaurants just next to the beach, some of which are very good, and there are not one, but two bars, one of which offers free internet access and amazing views of the sunset off the end of the harbour wall, and of course a happy hour between 5 and 6pm! Daddy was happy!

A short distance away there are plenty of mini-supermarkets, albeit catering to the predominantly British residents, but still, you can get what you need. We took a walk along the coast to Los Abrigos, a small fishing village and found a very well stocked chandlery, so things were looking up. The marina staff as well were extremely helpful and friendly, and the long-timers in the marina are also friendly and are willing to pass the time of day with you. The fuel is extremely cheap (90something cents a litre) but if you speak to locals it has increased in price about 30% in the last 5 years!

Marina San Miguel

Nearly every morning I wake up at 6.30 as the fishing boat behind us goes out. By 9.30 he’s back but I’ve yet to see him with any fish! He’s a friendly guy and speaks rather good English. He’s always ‘fixing’ the engine, even though there never seems to be a problem, and there’s a constant stream of what I’m sure are coaxing words aimed at making the engine run smoother!

We usually have a good view of the peak of El Teide but by lunch time it is usually covered in cloud. We’ve had very little rain even though the clouds look like they are very full. I think it’s right that the North of the island takes most of the rain and certainly this is where most of the banana plantations and greenery are. The temperature is rather nice, warm enough for shorts and t-shirt in the day and cool enough in the evenings for trousers – at least I get to use all those things I didn’t get to wear in France!!

'Happy Hour Bar'

There’s always wind – apparently! Since we arrived back from England there’s been very little wind, but looking at the forecast it’s coming back soon. We’re not complaining however as the sea is calm and we’ve had a couple of lovely trips around the bays. The scenery is certainly not as green as France but it is certainly dramatic. The way the light shines on the mountains makes them come alive, with shadows cast all day and the view never looking the same twice.

Today I’m meeting up with a friend that I haven’t seen for a very long time. We went to primary school together and somewhere in between then and now she’s moved over here permanently and has recently had a baby!

Until next time…

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