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Another week’s flown by

September 30, 2011

Swimming with Daddy

Friday 30th September

Another week’s flown by

Auntie Kate's lemon cakes were so good!

I can’t believe it’s a week since I last wrote a blog!! We’ve been in Frejus since Sunday and had some very useful maintenance done and a little bit of cosmetic surgery as well (all for less than a St Tropez tan!).

On Sunday we had 2 early visitors, onboard by 9am and we were off to Frejus. It was a little bit drizzly but where better to be than on a boat viewing the coast avoiding all the traffic jams. Having had breakfast (grapes and chocolate milk) before we even got past Saint Maxime (2 miles from our departure point) it was soon snack time and having gone to look for a drink with Auntie Kate, Maurice reappeared with Uncle Phil’s chocolate biscuits! So after chocolate biscuits and more chocolate milk we rounded the corner towards Frejus and it was Smartie time!

Terry's new captain

We saw some pink flamingos flying in formation and a couple of choppers on the way to the Voiles de St Tropez, as well as numerous local fishing boats all taking advantage of the glass-like sea. We did some colouring and read ‘The Other Ark’ where ‘dirty old dinosaurs’ are ‘not very nice’ and soon it was time to tie up in Frejus and meet the others for lunch at Roma, a lovely Italian restaurant in St Raphael, that our German friends introduced us to.

After a delicious lunch of pizza, pasta and salad, it was time for a go on the ‘round and round’ (a Carousel to you and me) but luckily the guy had gone for lunch so we traded him in for an ice cream instead – a much messier option but much more enjoyable for some!! After chocolate kisses, it was time to head off, some to the luxury of a static van and some to the luxury of a boat yard!! (I know which I prefer!!)

Kiss anyone?!

This week we’ve visited the old town of Frejus, seen the market, eaten all their grapes, caused havoc in a café, been round the Roman ruins, seen the Cathedral, played ‘hide, boo’ in the cloisters and been to the beach just a few times! Of course Uncle Phil has had to supervise the boat yard staff, and Auntie Kate has supervised him, but having had most of the work done on the first day, we’ve had a lovely week.

The cloisters in Frejus

Today we have checked we know how to use the storm sail, cleaned the fly screens, scrubbed the hull, scrubbed the decks (Cif is a wonderful thing!), done the washing, used all the water in the tanks and had a good sort out. All that leaves to do tomorrow morning is the shopping, fill the water tanks, collect a Daddy, have some lunch, fill the fuel tanks and that’s it, we’re done! Au revoir Cote d’Azur.

Stuck in a hole!

I’ve been looking at the weather and so far it looks ok. Hopefully we’ll get some good sailing in on flat seas, maybe a bit of rain towards Tuesday, and land somewhere just before Gibraltar late on Wednesday. Our planned route should take us through the gap between Toulon and the Iles d’Hyeres, then across the notorious Golfe du Lion where we’ll be heading quite far South West to avoid the Pyrenees! Then on to Ibiza for a quick party, I’m sure if we go close enough we’ll catch the end of Summer sounds, then onwards towards Gibraltar.

Please ask whoever you need to for good weather, keep everything crossed for flat seas, and on Monday don’t forget to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Daddy!!

A bientot…

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  1. Linda permalink
    October 3, 2011 12:40 pm

    Happy Birthday Alan – wherever you are! Lots of love from Pete and me. xxxx

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