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A Sunny Bay

September 23, 2011

Friday 23rd September

A Sunny Bay

Ice Creams in Terry

The wind finally stopped! The man on the motor boat had spread the word that on Monday night at 8pm the wind was forecast to start dropping and there, at 8pm, were all the skippers on deck waiting…

It eventually started to calm down and the average wind was back to 10 knots with the occasional gust of 30-something! But during the night it definitely dropped and Tuesday was a whole lot nicer!! There was no wind whistling through the rigging, no clanging on the masts, no wind whipping the harbour water over the fuel berth and certainly no waves in the harbour!!

'Hello' from Port Grimaud

By Wednesday everything was back to normal, the barometer had shot back up from 1008 to 1020! Fortunately a quick rise does not bring the wind of a quick fall and since then we have been enjoying flat-as-a-pancake seas, sunshine, no clouds and although it’s cold in the morning (we can sleep with a duvet now!) it soon warms up and we have lovely tanning weather!

On Wednesday morning we stocked up with a few essentials, donated a bottle of red to the Capitainerie and said ‘thank you very much, see you next year’, and pottered out onto the glass-like sea. Because the wind had been so strong it has cleared out all the rubbish in the bay and the water is now crystal clear – we can see the bottom still at 15m! We tootled up to anchor outside the campsites near Port Grimaud, not wanting to be too close to the port and all the traffic. We met our little friends on the beach in the afternoon and after an ice cream and a play in Terry Tender Boat it was time for tea.

Castle ruins in Grimaud

On Thursday we took a trip up to Grimaud town, walked around the market, had a lovely coffee and trekked up to the castle. The views across the Golfe de St Tropez are incredible and we definitely chose the best day for it – clear and breezy. After a picnic lunch up in the castle grounds we got the Petit Train back down to the port and whilst little people were sleeping we found a lovely ‘Salon de The’ on the edge of one of the canals in the port and had various frozen and iced drinks.

Today we have had the little people on board. Unfortunately the water is not at a very warm temperature and although toes were dipped only Daddy went swimming and Uncle Phil got all suited up and had a look at the anchor (10 minutes max!!). After a lunch of couscous and salad, cheese and ham and even some ice cream the boat had received a new paint job and it was time for some more fun in Terry Tender boat and even a bit of bailing out!

Everyone got to the top

Another trip to the port this afternoon – we watched the men of the port playing Petanque (boules), enjoyed more Smarties ice cream, and all too soon it was time for tea, bath and bed. Personally I’d love someone to take me home, feed me dinner, run me a bath and then I’m sure I could manage to listen to at least two words of a story before my eyes would be shut!!

The church in Grimaud

Tomorrow sees the start of the Voiles de St Tropez and there are certainly a lot of boats around ranging from super-sized racers to beautiful classics, right down to the little 20ft sports boats. Hopefully we’ll catch some racing tomorrow and then we’re off to Frejus for some maintenance work before we leave the Cote d’Azur behind for the Islas Canarias on the 1st October.

Until next time…

A bientot.

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