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The North Wind Doth Blow…

September 19, 2011

Monday 19th September

The North Wind Doth Blow…

A windy race

What a night!! The North wind definitely blows round here and it does bring snow (but only on the mountainsa bove 1600m!!) The boat has been literally bouncing on her mooring! The wind came yesterday afternoon and got stronger and stronger until about 3am where we recorded 46.7knots on the wind instruments. After that it eased but the forecast is violent gusts and they certainly are, going from 15knots to 35knots in a matter of seconds!


We made it to our beach L’Estagnol on Friday. It was beautiful. You could walk out in the sea about 300m before you had enough water to swim in, so it was perfect for the babies. After a good play, snack time, destroying all Uncle Phil’s sandcastles and a long swim we went for lunch at the restaurant just behind the waterfront. Their house special is an oak-cork board covered in several lettuces with raw carrot, fennel, artichoke, spring onion, red cabbage, white cabbage, peppers, cucumber and a boiled egg, all served with an anchovy dip. Hannah and I shared it and also shared a plate of very thinly sliced salmon in a citrus dressing. The boys of course had steak and chips!!

A calm start

After a fabulous day at the beach we had a day on the boat on Saturday and went out for a little sail in the morning. We got out just before a lot of boats started gathering around the marina entrance, which it turned out was the start line for a race. We watched the start whilst waiting for the wind, doing several circles without steerage! Eventually the wind picked up and we sailed over to St Tropez and back in a lovely breeze.

That evening we were treated to some traditional dancing on top of the Capitainerie and some crazy lady dressed as the captain of a ship doing a monologue on the top floor barriers of the Capitainerie!

Early Morning Pipers

Yesterday was wet in the morning but quickly brightened up before the wind started. We were woken up by a group of young men in red elf-like suits piping and drumming on the quay. They wandered off towards the church and then the bells started ringing! During the day we heard the pipes and drums and bells several times until eventually the drummers and pipers disappeared off on a St Tropez ferry! We were then treated to a parade of classic cars – they were meeting a group of people off the St Tropez ferry so drove right past our boat!

A windy finish

We had a wander round town, a coffee and a cake and then lunch on the boat with our little friends. Having waved goodbye as the wind was slowly picking up we went for a wander round the harbour wall. We spotted some boats in the distance sailing and soon it became clear that they were the boats we had seen the day before starting a race. They were coming back to finish. What mayhem!!

Classic Cars

Some had full sail up and were accidentally tacking through a broach, some just had a small jib up and were cruising along, others were set nicely with 3 reefs and a number 3. It was clearly very gusty and they certainly seemed happy to be in when they all turned up for prize giving!

The promise of better weather

So here we are, still in Sainte Maxime, waiting for the wind to blow itself out! The TV forecasters are predicting 100km winds for today and slightly less on Tuesday but after that we should hopefully return to the usual sunshine and light winds. For now I’ll be on fender watch and Phil can be found zooming around on a windsurfer somewhere in the Golfe de St Tropez!!

A bientot…

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  1. mum permalink
    September 19, 2011 3:46 pm

    Glad it’s not so windy here. Reduced to pedal power, not wind. Hope Phil has returned from windsurfing. Just going to try roasting Beetroot. Pink kitchen? Mum xxx

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