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Our Youngest Recruit Yet!

September 15, 2011

Thursday 16th September

Youngest Recruit Yet…

Wedding photo shoot in Menton

On Sunday we made it to Beaulieu in record time! Unfortunately there was no wind so Donkey was on and we worked our way through several tonnes of bamboo which seems to have appeared in the sea. Menton port was full of it, Monaco nearly had enough for a small house and in Beaulieu, in the midst of all the bamboo plants, there was, in fact, a window frame, so that house was definitely possible!!

Having had a swim and then lunch, the guests took the bus up to Eze and spent the afternoon wandering the very old cobbled streets, visiting the beautiful church and admiring the amazing views from the exotic gardens. I’m sure they also stopped for a cooling drink in a shady courtyard whilst up there!

A winchman?...

On their return it was dinner aboard ‘First Essential’. We started with Summer salads on an onion puree; followed by mushroom risotto with herb-stuffed chicken breasts; and dessert was a lemon tart. A lovely evening was enjoyed and sadly it was the last evening of a very short visit.

Monday morning came and with it the final departures of our first Summer season on the French Riviera. It’s been busy and a lot of hard work, but we’ve had some fantastic guests and a lot of fun along the way!

On Tuesday we moved the boat down to Sainte Maxime. As we left Beaulieu we saw

..or a navigator?...

dolphins cruising around the bay, not in a any rush, perhaps feeding on the fish that have come in with the bamboo. It was extremely flat and Donkey was doing well at 7 knots! We made a pit stop at Cannes to pick up some laundry that had been left there a couple of weeks ago and were soon back on the open sea, Donkey was called on again, and we were making way.

On arrival in Sainte Maxime we were given a berth and settled in. A couple of hours later a motor boat came in onto the fuel berth and dropped off some guests then came and told us we were in his space! I offered to swap with him, in true British fashion of not wanting to cause a scene or upset, so we spent the evening tied up alongside – no big issue to us as the batteries were fully charged anyway and it was a quiet night.

...Or even a rower?

Tuesday morning was an early one as my sister and her little family were arriving any time after 8 – the joys of having young babies!! They arrived and we left the fuel berth and pottered out into the bay. Maurice had all positions covered, doing some winching, navigating and even look out! Beatrix however, was more concerned with getting some sleep but did occasionally make herself useful by tidying the shoe bucket! Not bad for a first sailing trip!

The afternoon was spent back in Port Grimaud at their campsite, around the pool – the first pool Phil and I have been in for a long time, never mind something with four walls!! Today we are doing jobs on the boat – all the little things that you never want to do but know need doing! I’ve taken apart the plug holes, rinsed the tanks and filled them with disinfectant, cleaned the bilges, sorted the cupboards….

This afternoon we’re off to the campsite and will be staying the night in a bed that doesn’t move!! Our American friend

Chilling out!

said that after his Atlantic crossing he stayed one night in a hotel and even though he knew he was in a hotel he still had to get up and check through the curtains! Here’s hoping I don’t need to do that!!

Tomorrow we’re off to l’Espagnol beach just the other side of Le Lavandou, it is very sheltered and slopes gently into the sea. There is a lovely restaurant on the beach which we’ve booked for lunch and I can’t wait to not have to do the cooking!!

A bientot…

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  1. Mum permalink
    September 18, 2011 4:56 pm

    Wish I was there. Everything looks superb. It’s not warm here but at least it’s sunny. See you soon. Mum

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