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September’s charging on!

September 7, 2011

Wednesday 7th September

Who can believe it’s September?!

Stormy skies

After a blustery old day in Frejus we moved on towards St Tropez. We managed to get ourselves a berth in Sainte Maxime, across the water from St Tropez, and ended up staying for 2 nights. On the way stopped in a bay for some swimming and snorkelling, lunch and lots of waving at trip boats!

After a lovely evening in Ste Maxime a peaceful night next to a German charter boat was enjoyed. The charter boat had at least 7 people on it and was only 36ft, not unusual to me as we often raced a smaller boat with more and all managed to sleep somewhere, but the guests couldn’t work it out! Eventually it all became clear and when we arose in the morning there were bodies all over the deck in various positions snuggled into their 4season sleeping bags!!

Clouds everywhere!

We booked ourselves another night at Ste Maxime and went out for the day to Port Grimaud. The girls loved all the swimming and after a morning of walking round Port Grimaud they couldn’t wait to get back on the boat for a swim and of course some lunch! We sailed back to Ste Maxime and then, once refreshed, the family took a ferry across the water to St Tropez for the evening.

On Thursday we headed back to St Raphael and although there was no room for a stern-to mooring, they moved all the little boats up and put us alongside in about 10 spaces for little boats! Everywhere we went they kept talking of the ‘Mistral’ coming, but so far we’d had no evidence of it.

Friday morning arrived and we donned our lifejackets and headed out to see what weather there was. We had a NE 4

Dirty Sahara rain

which increased pretty quickly to a 5 and unfortunately was from where we were going. Had we not used our engine we could have taken a long time to get anywhere as it was quite rough too. We battled on and the wind decreased as we got nearer to Cannes.

Once in Cannes, there was shelter in the bay from the waves where we anchored for lunch. After some confusion about reservations and boat shows we found ourselves a berth in a nearby marina called Camille-Rayon. It must have been the last berth available between St Raphael and Nice and luckily we got it!! It was a lovely port, busy, lively, good bars and restaurants, perfect for a last night. We wiggled our way into the space and impressed the harbour guys who were fully ready with the tender to push and ‘guide’ us in! Apparently I am a fantastic driver!! We had a water fight (disguised as washing the boat) which didn’t impress the Riva 63 crew next door, wrote the ship’s log, showered and were all ready for dinner!

Another 'Fowey' boat

We had a lovely evening with the guests in a restaurant by the water’s edge and unfortunately the next morning it was time to say goodbye. Another fantastic week with lots of swimming and fun. We were soon on our way again and this time we had to anchor just across from the marina at Juan-les-Pins. Storms were forecast and a bit of wind but nothing drastic. The first night we had no storms and no wind so quite a good night’s sleep was had. The second night (Sunday) was very rolly, no storms but a SW swell and an East wind!

Monday arrived and we tootled off early and came up to Villefranche. They had finally found us a space (they are horrendously busy at the moment) and we are securely tied up and have chance to clean and give the boat a bit of TLC.

We have 4 guests arriving tomorrow for a long weekend and we’re planning on going to Menton, Monaco and Beaulieu. The forecast is good, a little bit of wind and lots of sunshine!

A bientot…


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