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Still Sailing…

September 4, 2011

The Maltese Falcon

Monday 29th August

Another week, another family!

What a month this is turning out to be! Having had all adult guests up until the end of July we are now onto our fourth family and the youngest guest yet – 7 years old!

When we left St Raphael on Thursday morning there was a beautiful breeze blowing from the East, so all the sails went up and we headed off upwind to La Figuieirette, a small town with a small marina and a beautiful anchorage in the right conditions. It was just right on Thursday so we stopped for lunch and a swim and then the boys hired a pedalo with a slide attached and spent an hour splashing around by the boat, even Mum had a go!

The fort on St Honorat

We had a gentle evening motor and headed over to the Iles de Lerins for the night and anchored up near the shores of St Honorat. We had dinner onboard: huge figs from St Raphael with goat’s cheese and pine nuts; chicken, prawn and chorizo risotto with courgettes; and panna cotta for dessert. A beautiful sunset completed the scene and a few games of ‘scum’ finished the night.

Friday morning came and with it a stiff Easterly wind. Having taken the guests ashore to see the monastery and the rest of the island, we were on anchor watch and just as we thought we were safe, the boat behind suddenly got very close! Engine on, anchor up and relaid, problem solved! Once the guests were back onboard, we headed over to Sainte Marguerite and chose a sheltered spot out of the wind for lunch.

After more swimming and a trip ashore as well as a visit from a random French man with a rubber ring (all for 50 Euro

A beautiful sunset

bet!) we made the final short trip into Cannes port. Having packed their bags, written their postcards, signed the guest book and had one last dinner in France (but not before a huge thunderstorm hit us!!) it was time to say au revoir, bon voyage, and thank you very much to the guests for a fabulous week! We had a lot of fun and hope they did too!

After a huge change round we welcomed our next family on board and this week we have girls!! 3 of them!! We had not such a good night’s sleep in Cannes, not due to wind or thunderstorms, but the final party of the Summer in the Palais des Festivals which started at 0030 and finished somewhere around 0530!! Not much sleep was had but excitement took over in the morning and we were off!

We left Cannes with a NE 3 – 4, all the sails up and headed along to the Ile d’Or for swimming and lunch. Having seen lots of fish, cleaned the water line, and eaten lots of ice pops, we headed into Frejus for the night. On the way we also saw the yacht ‘Maltese Falcon’ under full sail which was truly a spectacular sight. So last n ight we enjoyed dinner out, the guests at a restaurant called ‘Cote Sud’ and us at ‘La Marine’.

A windy day!

It was quite chilly and so a fabulous sleep under the duvet was had for the first time in a few weeks! Around 5am I was awoken by the sound of engines, thankfully not ours! A boat was coming into the space beside us – not a problem you might think, but this space is at the end of a row against a concrete wall and the boat trying to get into it is a double-masted 70ft giant called ‘Bison’!! She got a little stuck on our lazy line but after a bit of careful manoeuvring she was in and everyone went back off to slumber land.

Unfortunately this morning the forecast was not great for sailing so we stayed in Frejus and now we have a very warm West wind, roughly 30 – 40 knots blowing through the rigging!! There’s something banging the mast so I’m off to try and stop it as it is horrendously annoying and no one will sleep with it as it is! Tomorrow hopefully it’s St Tropez or Port Grimaud and now the French are all back at work we could well be in with a chance of a berth in St Tropez!! Fingers crossed…

A bientot…

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