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A Busy Week!

August 29, 2011

Wednesday 23rd August

A busy week!

We didn’t expect anything other than a busy week with 4 children (3 of them boys) on the boat! On Sunday the boys were up and ready to go by 8.30, their sister slightly behind and Mum and Dad were just as keen as the boys. We left Cannes at 0930 and made our way to the Ile d’Or. The guests had their first swim from the boat and snorkelled with the hundreds of fish. After lunch we continued up the coast to Frejus where we were given a berth right in the middle of the marina on the main quay wall!

First Swim!Sunset from St Tropez

Monday morning saw a keen rise from Mum as we were off to St Tropez. We arrived outside St Tropez but there were no spaces for us so we anchored up outside a sandy looking beach and more swimming and fun with Terry the Tender was had. After lunch a trip into St Tropez (via a trip in Terry), a wander round the shops and super yachts and dinner at Papa Guiyo’s was enjoyed. We stayed outside St Tropez at anchor that night and it was very quiet once the tenders to the super yachts outside the harbour had stopped whizzing past!

Tuesday morning and the famous St Tropez market was in full swing. After a quick visit and another look around St Tropez we made it up to Port Grimaud and anchored up for lunch and a swim which turned into a jet ski trip and a flying fish inflatable trip! What an amazing berth we had that night. We met the capitaineire tender in the port entrance thinking he would guide us onto the pontoon outside the capitainerie but he kept driving! We kept following, keeping a keen eye on the depth, and he led us right into the heart of Port Grimaud and we eventually got our mooring, stern to a quay on the centre square, outside Restaurant La Marina and the church!

'First Essential' on the left of the picture in Port Grimaud

After a lovely dinner and a quiet night with a good sleep, we were up, postcards written, and ready to go by 1030. The destination for lunch – Pampelonne Bay, to watch and view the famous, rich and glamorous! A trip to Club 55 and an Orangina each at 7 Euros a go just about cleared out the wallet! Following lunch some of the guests decided to swim from the boat to a wreck about 600ft away. They made it there and then the ‘Securite Ramatuelle’ picked them up in the RIB saying it was too dangerous to swim outside the swimming area and gave them a lift back to the yacht! A true adventure!

Entrance to Santa Lucia South Basin

After a few more diving and jumping competitions we made a move and even got a sail in for an hour or two before the wind dropped. We made it to St Raphael and, surprisingly, having been told there would be no space after 6pm, we arrived at about 6.45 and got a space! So now we are in the South Basin (a challenge to get in to round an island and through a small gap!), we’ve done the washing, had dinner, cleaned the boat inside and out, had a power cut, choked all the mosquitoes with a bucket load of mozzie spray, cooled down with air con and now we’re off to sleep!!

A bientot…

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